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1. What are scopes

Scopes are used to granting application permission to use some endpoints. Scopes are checked when requesting an access token from the MyQ Print server and when using said token to authenticate to some endpoint.

For example, if REST API application has the only scope called users and you request an access token only with this one scope. calling GET /v3/jobs would end up in an error.

2. Print server scopes

  • cert.manage - Can manage certificates

  • - Can read certificates

  • credit - Can change credit

  • impersonate - Can impersonate users

  • jobs - Can read and change user's jobs

  • jobs.process - Can process jobs for applying policies

  • offline.access - Provides refresh token

  • print - Can print user's jobs

  • - Can create accounting and client jobs

  • printers - Can manage printers

  • queues - Can manage queues

  • scan - Can execute scans

  • terminal - Can act as terminal

  • - Can read terminal information

  • user.session - Can start user's session on a printer

  • users - Can manage users

  • reports - Can run and download reports

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