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You can quickly troubleshoot REST API issues and identify the main points of failure by answering the questions in the following checklist. Sometimes is good to set up a program for testing. We can recommend a program called Postman.

1. Is the URL correct?

Making sure you are calling the right ip/hostname and using the right protocol is a good first check to see if somethings wrong.

2. Is the endpoint path right?

Checking the endpoint you are calling and making sure it is typed correctly with no errors is another frequent mistake. You can check API endpoints here.

3. Is the authorization header valid?

Ensure that you are using the right header in the request you are making to the MyQ server. To see how it should look like please check the Authentication methods page.

4. Does the API user have feature access?

Check if you are using a token with the right scopes for the job. If you are using a token with a user login also make sure that the user has rights.

5. Are you passing the right parameters?

The best way to make sure you are sending the right data is to check the definition and to see if everything is correct.

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