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Release Notes

MyQ Sharp Embedded terminal 8.1

MyQ Sharp Embedded Terminal 10.1 is available for MyQ 10.1+.

8.1 (patch 13)

16 February, 2024

Bug fixes

  • MyQ Sharp Embedded Terminal cannot be used on the same server as MyQ Sharp Luna Embedded Terminal.

8.1 (patch 12)

2nd February, 2024


  • The device default language is set to the server default language during remote configuration. The device default language is not changed if the server default language is not available on the device.

Bug Fixes

  • Automatic remote configuration fails if the device default language is not set to English.

8.1 (patch 11)

1 December, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • "Automatically Start an Application" checkbox in device web UI is selected. For devices with Sharp OSA 6.0+ and with MX-AMX2/BP-AM10 modules the terminal has to be uninstalled first (activated with No terminal configuration profile) before installation of EMB Sharp 8.1 patch 11 or the checkbox has to be unselected manually.

  • Installation of the terminal is failing on SHARP BP-50C55.

8.1 (patch 10)

29 August, 2023


8.1 (patch 9)

26 June, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Easy copy with enabled change of the parameters by user failed with "Error while delivering a scan".

8.1 (patch 8)

8 June, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • ProjectID isn't involved in metadata file.

  • Error message for missing destination isn't displayed if it was allowed to edit parameters for Easy scan.

8.1 (patch 7)

8 March, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Login wasn't possible on older models.

8.1 (patch 6)

24 February, 2023


  • Starting of MyQ Sharp Terminal has been improved.

Bug Fixes

  • It wasn't possible to set Type and Size of the Bypass tray as user.

8.1 (patch 5)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with accounting when large amount of jobs.

  • Fixed issue with returning to Top menu from Panel operations on devices without AMX2 module.

  • Repeated login and logout could cause cost quota to be spent.

8.1 (patch 4)


  •  Support Sharp printers without AMX2 module.
    LIMITATION: On devices without AMX2 module it is not possible to use 2-factor login, Easy operations, the ID Card Copy feature, and for accessing Panel operations the Unlock panel button has to be used.

Bug Fixes

  • Buttons keyboard/QR on the login screen are white.

  • Enabled default address is not show the address automatically in the Panel Scan.

  • Invalid error message when is no original present on the glass.

  • Panel scan email fails with more than one recipient.

  • Terminal isnĀ“t displayed with white background theme.

8.1 (patch 3)

Bug Fixes

  • Incorrect number of rows of projects have been displayed after removing search term from search input.

  • Text in login fields have been incorrectly aligned on some models.

  • Incorrect icons have been loaded on some devices.

  • Card login wasn't possible after login with unknown PIN.

  • Sharp terminal service was unavailable after connection limit reached.

8.1 (patch 2)


  •  Density parameter is available for Easy copy, Easy scan and Easy fax.
    LIMITATION: Original Image setting is ignored if density is set to Automatic.

Bug Fixes

  • Sharp terminal service was unavailable after connection limit reached.

8.1 (patch 1)


  • NEW FEATURE Scan statistics improved. It is possible to recognize f.e. BW/color, duplex/simplex, formats of scan. LIMITATIONS:

    • color page recognition is different based for different types of scan (f.e. scan to USB, scan to email...)

    • sheet information is not possible to recognize every time correctly (e.g., mixed job) or on models which do not have automatic paper size detection

Bug Fixes

  • Terminal version in MyQ Web UI > Printers was displayed incorrectly.

  • Buttons for switching to QR code or to Keyboard weren't displayed after login failed.

  • Buttons for switching to QR code or to Keyboard weren't displayed correctly on the login screen.

  • Empty page has been displayed if user doesn't have any spooled jobs.

  • Duplex parameters "Binding on side" and "Binding on top" for Easy scan were switched.

8.1 LTS

Bug Fixes

  •  ID card copy wasn't possible to made with enabled credit.

8.1 RC 


  • Scan profile, mixed size option removed.

Bug Fixes

  • Arrived fax is accounted on the user.

  • Impossible to login to session without reactivating printer.

  • Logout from user session by card.

  • Easy scan original image parameter creates scans with same values.

8.1 BETA 


  • NEW FEATURE Panel scan User detection is implemented.

  • Displaying of Quota title in Top menu header was improved.

Bug Fixes

  • Sharp terminal service was stopped after changing of the port of web server. Now service is started after change of the port. Remote configuration of the embedded terminal is required after change of the port of web server.

  • Incorrect value name of price list was displayed on the terminal.

  • Panel USB action wasn't hidden when Scan was disabled by policies.

  • Custom logo wasn't trimmed if the size wasn't correct.

  • Panel scan was accounted as *unauthenticated when SMTP server was set as SMTP server address.

  • Panel scan wasn't delivered when MyQ server address was set as SMTP address.

  • Login screen wasn't refreshed when the Login methods were changed.

  • Price list wasn't displayed with numbers after decimal point on the device panel.

    LIMITATION It is possible to display max 2 digits after decimal point in Price list on the device panel despite the settings on the MyQ server.

8.1 DEV2

Bug Fixes

  •  Panel USB Terminal action wasn't displayed.


  • Coverage accounting isn't supported because accounting was changed from SNMP to accounting by the device and the device doesn't send the coverage accounting information in the statistics.

8.1 DEV


  • Error state UI about misconfigured device improved to MyQ style.

  • NEW FEATURE ID card copy is supported.

  • NEW FEATURE Easy Copy is supported.

  • NEW FEATURE Edit account is supported.

  • NEW FEATURE Job roaming is supported.

  • NEW FEATURE User is able to modify job properties before printing in My jobs.

  • NEW FEATURE It isn't possible to print A3 jobs on A4 printers -> Message "A3 jobs cannot be printed on this device." is displayed in My jobs for A3 job on A4 printer.

    It is possible to disallow printing color jobs on BW printers -> Message "Color jobs cannot be printed on this device." is displayed in My jobs for color job on BW printer.

  • Displaying of spooled time of jobs in My jobs was changed.

  • NEW FEATURE Terminal availability status is displayed on printers page on MyQ server.

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