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Accessing the Terminal via the MyQ Mobile App

You can enable the printing device management via a mobile application, in MyQ (MyQ, Settings, Mobile Application) and users will be able to unlock terminals and release their print jobs on printing devices via the MyQ mobile application. The easiest way to log in to the terminal using the mobile application is to scan the QR code displayed on the embedded touch panel.

While the feature is enabled, two small icons are displayed at the top-right corner of the embedded terminal login screen: a keyboard icon and a QR code icon. By tapping the two icons, users can switch between the software keyboard and the QR code.

The QR code includes all the necessary information to identify the printing device and the MyQ server where the device is connected to.

QR Login option on the terminal

The MyQ mobile application is available for free, both for mobile phones with Android and iOS.

If you have upgraded your MyQ Server to version 8.2+, you can also use the new and improved MyQ X Mobile Client application, available for free for Android and iOS. You can find further information in the MyQ X Mobile Client App guide.

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