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Notas de la versión para la versión 8.2

MyQ Print Server 8.2 (patch 21)

MyQ Print Server 8.2 (patch 16)

MyQ Print Server 8.2 (patch 14)

MyQ Print Server 8.2 (patch 10)

MyQ Print Server 8.2 (patch 9)

MyQ Print Server 8.2 (patch 7)

MyQ Print Server 8.2 (patch 6)

MyQ Print Server 8.2 (patch 4)

MyQ Print Server 8.2 (patch 3)

  • Information about MyQ Desktop Client added.

  • External Commands in Task Scheduler are now disabled by default.

  • Priority payment account option added in Accounting settings.

  • Unlock admin account - The MyQ Administrator’s account can now be unlocked in MyQ Easy Config.

  • Printer group filter removed from all reports.

MyQ Print Server 8.2 (patch 2)

MyQ Print Server 8.2 (patch 1)

MyQ Print Server 8.2

  • Jobs preview - It is now possible to set the number of pages for preview.

  • Data for support - Data for support now includes additional logs automatically, along with the System and Application channel from Event Viewer.

  • Improved the Accessibility of the MyQ Web UI, using the keyboard and/or readers.

  • Server type - The Central server mode is removed from the server type settings. A Print server can no longer be switched to a Central server, as the Central server has a separate installer.

  • Printer Events - New event types "Total Counter Increase" and "Toner Replacement" added.

  • Rights - The MyQ administrator can now grant the Manage licenses right. to users. When the right is assigned to a user, they have full control of all the licenses in MyQ.

  • History - Closed alerts are now deleted during history deletion.

  • Queues - Queues settings were optimized.

  • Licenses - New licensing model, 1 Enterprise license allows for the activation of 2 Embedded terminals on print-only devices (embedded Lite), support renamed to assurance, old licenses migration, the expiring license subscription date or the auto-prolongation date is now visible in the web UI.

  • MS Universal Print - Jobs via Microsoft Universal Print are now supported.

  • Custom web UI theme - Web UI colors and fonts can now be changed in the config.ini.

  • Hot folders - Printing via hot folders is now supported.

  • External authentication - External user authentication via API is now supported.

  • Certificate Management - MyQ now offers three types of certificate management.

  • Accounting - The MyQ admin can now switch between the accounting groups and cost centers modes.

  • Easy Cluster - Information about Easy Cluster added.

  • Google Cloud Print support ended, alternative methods listed.

  • Installation in Private Cloud - MyQ can also be installed in a virtual MS Azure environment.

  • VMHA license information added.

  • New reports (Counters by function and duplex(BETA), Counters by function and paper format(BETA), Counters by function paper format and duplex(BETA)) added in the Groups, Printers, Projects, and Users report categories.

  • Microsoft Exchange Online external system added.

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