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Connecting MyQ TerminalPro

You can connect the terminal using the below HW connection ports:

HW connections scheme

LAN host (eth0)

LAN port for connecting to the customer's network via network cable

9 pin D-SUB (serial)

Port for connecting a Key Counter cable

USB port

Standard USB port for the card reader connection

Mini-USB port

Mini-USB port for the touchscreen display connection

Power connector (A/C)

Port for the power source connection

  1. Connect the cables to corresponding ports of the terminal:

    1. Network cable to eth0

    2. (Optional) Touch panel cable to Mini/micro USB

    3. (Optional) USB card reader to USB (keep the terminal off when connecting)

    4. (Optional) Key Counter cable to 9 pin D-SUB

    5. Power cable

  2. Wait till the BUSY SESSION STATE indicator glows green (It should take approximately 2 minutes), and then restart the printing device.

After it is connected, the terminal automatically sets up communication with the device. This setup can take a few minutes and after it is done, you need to restart the printing device.

Use cable holders to keep the cables organized and maintain a neat and tidy appearance on the printing device.

Using cable holders
Status indication according to the LED diodes

The MyQ TerminalPro LED diodes provide the following information:


  • Green light = the terminal is connected to a power source


  • Green light = server is online

  • Orange light = no server is set

  • Red light = server is offline

  • Red flashing light = card is being presented to the card reader


  • Green light = printing device is in idle state

  • Orange light = printing device is in session

  • Red light = printing device is busy or internal error


  • Green light = printing device is online

  • Green flashing light = DHCP protocol is not enabled on the printing device

  • Orange light = Ethernet cable is connected but there is no response from the printing device

  • Red light = no connection (this is not an issue, as the printer should not be directly connected via ethernet to MyQ TerminalPro - it should be connected to the same network via a separate cable)

  • Red light flashes once = diode indicates that the device panel is being unlocked by the key-counter cable

  • Red light flashes twice = diode indicates that the device panel is being locked by the key-counter cable

The below LED diodes should be lit after a correct MyQ TerminalPro setup:

  • Green for the Power diode.

  • Green for the Ready - Server state diode (after setting up the server via MyQ Terminal Manager).

  • Green for the Busy - Session state diode.

  • Red for the Error - Printer state diode (as the printer is not directly connected to MyQ TerminalPro).

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