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Terminal action nodes

Available action nodes

Print all

Prints all jobs that are waiting in queue in the Ready state, including jobs delegated by other users.

My Jobs

This action shows all the jobs that can be printed on the printing device. Users can manage their ready, favorite and printed jobs here.

Ready jobs — This is the initial tab of the My Jobs screen. It can be reopened by tapping the page icon at the upper-left corner of the screen.

Favorite jobs — Favorite jobs can be displayed by tapping the star icon at the upper-left corner of the screen.

Printed jobs — Printed jobs can be displayed by tapping the clock icon at the upper-left corner of the screen.

My jobs

Users can perform the following actions:

  • Add to favorites — Tap the star-plus icon to add the selected jobs to favorites.

  • Delete job — Tap the X button to delete the selected jobs.

  • Print job — Tap the printer icon to print the selected jobs.

Jobs that are delegated by other users begin with the name of their owner in brackets.

Unlock Panel

Unlocks the printing device panel and opens its default screen. Users can copy and scan on the panel.

If none of the credit, quota, and project features are activated on the MyQ server, the panel is automatically unlocked after a user logs in to the terminal.

To enable scanning on the terminal, make sure that your MyQ server is set as the SMTP server on the printing device web administrator interface.

ID Card Registration

After tapping this action, the ID Card registration screen opens and the logged user can register their card by swiping it at the card reader.

ID card registration terminal action
Recharge Credit

After tapping the Recharge Credit action, the Recharge Credit screen opens For information about recharging credit on the terminal, see Recharging Credit.


Actions can be put into folders. Folders can be used to optimize the layout of the terminal screen or to enable users to access a higher number of actions. For example, you can leave a few important actions on the home screen and place the rest into an additional actions folder.

Empty folders are not displayed on the terminal screen. If there is only one item in the folder, the item is displayed instead of the folder.

Default actions

The default terminal actions are:

  • Print All

  • My Jobs

  • ID Card Registration

  • Unlock Panel

  • Recharge credit

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