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MyQ Touch Panel: Credit

With credit accounting activated, users must have a sufficient amount of credit on their account to be allowed to print, copy and scan. On their home screen on the embedded terminal, they can view their remaining credit. If the Recharge Credit action is available on the terminal, users can recharge their credit by entering a code from a recharging voucher directly on any embedded terminal.

Credit screen

On unlocked printing devices without Key Counter, users can access the printing device panel outside of their sessions and thus can copy and scan even if they do not have sufficient credit. If a user runs out of credit during scanning or copying on such a device, they are logged out of their session, but can still copy and scan on the device panel.

For the proper function of credit accounting, it is necessary to use the MyQ Job Parser to get the print job price before printing. For more information, check the MyQ Print Server guide.

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