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Using terminal actions without sufficient credit

If recharging credits by vouchers is enabled in MyQ, users can still see actions to which they do not have sufficient credit. However, if they tap the particular action, they are immediately redirected to the Recharge Credit screen.

If recharging credits by vouchers is disabled in MyQ and a user does not have sufficient credit, all actions requiring credit are unavailable and their corresponding buttons are dimmed.

If a job does not include additional information from the job parser, users can start it as long as their credit is not equal or below 0, although it can be stopped half-way through.

Action taken when a user runs out of credit during copying or scanning

If a user runs out of credit during copying or scanning on the printing device panel, MyQ TerminalPro sends a signal to the Key Counter or the Software Lock of the printing device to stop the action and lock the panel.

The exact behavior of the printing device after the signal is sent can vary and depends
on the technical parameters of the particular model/brand.

Scan jobs are always finished before the action is taken.

Print jobs with additional information from the job parser

Print jobs received with the job parser activated include additional information, such as number of pages, color, and price.

Jobs with available price information cannot be printed unless users have a sufficient amount of credit. Users cannot use the Print all action as long as the overall price of all priced print jobs is higher than their credit.

Print jobs with prices

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