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MyQ Touch Panel: Terminal Actions

This topic discusses basic features of the terminal with the MyQ Touch Panel and shows you how to manage them on the Terminal Actions settings tab on the MyQ web administrator interface. The features are called actions and can be accessed from action nodes on the terminal.

Terminal actions

The action nodes correspond to buttons on the MyQ Touch Panel display. On the MyQ web administrator interface, you can configure the layout of the display screen and the behavior of each button. Therefore, you are free to choose any combination of available actions and their positions on the screen. The layout is displayed on a WYSIWYG terminal preview and can be configured there.

Additional layout options are provided by a possibility to create folders and put action nodes there. Folders can be used to group actions of the same type, or to enable users to access a higher number of actions. Users and groups can be given rights to different actions. This way, you can configure an individual home screen for each user or group of users.

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