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Release Notes

MyQ Kyocera Embedded terminal 8.2

  • Minimum requested support date: 15 January 2021

8.2 (patch 14)

16 November, 2023


  • Font size improved on devices with WebKit browser.

Bug Fixes

  • The server part of the terminal package loses stability with large number of devices.

8.2 (patch 13)

26 October, 2023


  • Logging during the time when the machine is asleep was reduced. More information in the support bulletin.

Bug Fixes

  • The Login screen is not displayed if you log out from the ID Card Copy screen.

  • QR code may disappear on the Login screen after server upgrade.

  • Warning message "Job record not found" is logged in the server log.

  • It is not possible to select a job in the job list by clicking the checkbox.

  • Small screen devices: The last item in the job list does not fit the screen.

  • USB Scan Terminal action is disabled after performing print, copy or scan operation.

  • Fax number is displayed truncated after 5 numbers.

  • Easy scan: Continuous scan failed from glass if the continuous scan started from the feeder with enabled duplex.

  • Combined quota is not displayed correctly on the Home screen on devices with small screen.

  • Long Terminal Action title may be truncated in NetFront browser devices.

  • The taskbar button is not displayed on Japanese full-screen models.

  • Home Screen: If you click a terminal action button, the text moves higher.

8.2 (patch 12)

18 September, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • "Application log queue full, older message may be overwritten." error message has been displayed in the server log. 

  • ID Card Copy color parameter had incorrect label.

  • It wasn't possible to use long names for Terminal actions operations. Long names weren't displayed complete.

  • Some strings especially in duplex parameters were truncated after using the bigger font.

8.2 (patch 11)

6 September, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • It was possible to print maximally 200 local spool jobs via Print all button.

  • Login screen wasn't displayed in Romanian language (Print server 10.2 Beta 2+ is required for using Romanian language).

  • Quota session wasn't finished if the Quota finish call failed i.e. because of network issues.

  • Some languages in the Language selection feature were displayed without Capital letter.

  • Some languages in the Language selection feature were duplicated.

  • Some operations were allowed if the same user is logged on more printers at the same time with using quota. The operations should be allowed on the first logged device only.

  • Terminal became offline after printing of big amount of jobs.

8.2 (patch 10)

19 July, 2023


  • Improved size of font on some screens.

Bug Fixes

  • Arrows for displaying the hidden settings on full screen mode were not displayed on Kyocera Taskalfa MZ4000/MZ3200.

  • It wasn't possible to change Print options in Mobile application.

  • Project selection was not displayed for ID Card Copy terminal action.

8.2 (patch 9)

25 May, 2023


  • Romanian language is supported. Print server 10.2 Beta 2 or newer is required.

Bug Fixes

  • Critical error is displayed if the Application log for the terminal is full. The data of the log may be overwritten.

  • The terminal gets stuck if the user returns back using the back arrow from the Codebook where any value is selected.

  • Terminal service crashed.

  • Mismatch between page events and device counters has been detected.

  • Easy scan to Email fails if the size of the file is bigger than 120MB.

  • Offline user synchronization doesn’t work properly.

  • Print job can’t be written to HDD, the directory can't be created on the HDD.

8.2 (patch 8)

20 April, 2023


  • The Custom options parameter is now available in Configuration profiles. With this parameter, the administrator can unlock some hidden features of the terminal, available only to specific customers and might require specific device/firmware.

Bug Fixes

  • Quota sessions aren’t finished correctly.

  • Job Archive doesn't archive scans via Easy scan.

  • Internal address book for Easy Fax displays icon incorrectly and it's not possible to open the Internal address book by tapping on the icon.

  • Job information isn’t displayed in My Jobs on devices with small device screen if Projects are enabled.

  • Quota header is displayed incorrectly in My Jobs on devices with small device screen.

8.2 (patch 7)

23 March, 2023

Bug fixes

  • Idle logout will not be applied if the scan operation is in progress. It will be possible to log out by card or using the SW button for logout.

  • Price of the job is incorrectly displayed with 0 price on Print all button and in My jobs, even if the credit or quota wasn't used.

  • Number of the jobs on Print all button isn't refreshed in some cases.

  • Color quota pages isn't accounted properly if the job was accounted with Coverage accounting.

8.2 (patch 6)

10 March, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Recovery of the package after server restart has been improved.

  • Shared job list for Job roaming didn't work.

8.2 (patch 5)

24 February, 2023


  • Certificates using hash SHA-1 are no longer supported.

Bug Fixes

  • Terminal installation in printer using Hostname or FQDN failed.

8.2 (patch 4)

13 February, 2023


  • NEW FEATURE Coverage accounting is supported. Coverage accounting has to be supported by the device firmware. For devices where coverage accounting is not supported prices for full color are used.

Bug Fixes

  • Job was archived twice with using KISS server. This feature requires MyQ Print server 8.2 (patch 30) and newer.

8.2 (patch 3) 


  • Logs from the Kyocera Embedded terminal are logged to the main server log using the "Kyocera Terminal" subsystem.

  • NEW FEATURE It is possible to set displaying of My Jobs immediately after login.

Bug Fixes

  • Quota session was not loaded.

  • Terminal was stuck during direct print.

8.2 (patch 2)

Bug Fixes

  • 2-sided to 1-sided Easy copy from glass didn't start continuous scan.

  • Cancel button had white text in Recharge credit screen.

  • Custom text parameter for Easy scan caused exception for Polish language characters.

  • Information about project wasn't included in the attached XML file of Easy scan.

  • Matched results in searching of projects weren't highlighted.

  • Panel operation's language wasn't switched if Norwegian Nynorsk language was set for the user.

  • Partial printing of more selected jobs from USB was possible to start if user didn't have enough credit to complete all operations.

  • Position of sw bar was split with the confirmation button in full screen mode.

  • Print all button for Job roaming wasn't automatically refreshed after login.

  • Quota name was displayed incorrectly on some models.

  • Remote setup using SNMPv2 failed.

  • Skip blank pages for Easy scan didn't work.

  • Thrift Port number doesn't have to be static 9099 but it is possible to change it.

  • Trial license banner was displayed over the Offline login message.

  • Unlock panel from Admin menu wasn't possible on Iris printer if USB operations were disabled.

  • User session can't be started because the previous one wasn't finished.

8.2 (patch 1)


  • Admin Menu has been improved.

  • Displaying of the login screen has been improved.

  • It is possible to set maximum number of copies to 999.

  • NEW FEATURE Information about Government or Education edition is displayed on Embedded terminal login screen.

  • NEW FEATURE Information about Trial or NFR license is displayed on Embedded terminal login screen.

  • NEW FEATURE It is possible to Always display job price even if the credit or quota is disabled. MyQ Print server 10.1 is required for this feature.

  • NEW FEATURE It is possible to enable Debug logging for the specific group of printers.

  • NEW FEATURE It is possible to unmark favorite jobs in Ready jobs and Printed jobs.

  • NEW FEATURE Job cost is displayed in Job options.

Bug Fixes

  • "Quota is being used by another device" pop up message was not displayed complete.

  • Easy fax values from Phone book weren't found.

  • Easy scan file wasn't possible to open if Job archiving was enabled.

  • ID card copy terminal action was displayed on the Printer only.

  • If the price of the job was 0 the price wasn't displayed in My jobs.

  • It wasn't possible to use Easy scan to email on some older devices.

  • It wasn't possible to use panel operations for user with login username/filename/email.

  • Keep chronological order of jobs in the print queue.

  • No error message has been displayed if user try to login via unregistered card when device was in the sleep mode.

  • Previously selected recipient is displayed but not possible to select him in reselect screen.

  • Price on Print all button is displayed above the button text.

  • Quota text was displayed incorrectly in some languages.

  • Terminal crashed after printing direct print via device spool with enabled credit.



  • Usage of SSL certificates improved.

  • NEW FEATURE Keep printing after logging out is implemented.

  • NEW FEATURE Mixed size parameter for Easy Copy is supported (Print server 10.0 patch 7 or newer and device with HyPAS 2.1.5+ are required).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Auto logout from Select account screen and fixed Auto login and logout using HW button after login with selecting the account mode from the Select account screen.

  • Order of the Print all of local spooled job has been changed to FIFO.

  • Policy Print = No wasn't applied for direct local spooled jobs.

  • Terminal package had to be reinstalled after change of the server default port.

  • USB Print was possible to start if credit was spent.

  • USB print/USB scan weren't disabled when the credit was spent.

8.2.0 RC


  • Easy Scan is delivered to the server primary via HTTP(S) protocol; FTP(S) protocol is used if HTTP(S) is not supported by the device.

  • Improved graphics of the information, warning and error messages.

  • NEW FEATURE Full screen display is supported on new Kyocera devices where is possible to hide SW buttons.

  • NEW FEATURE QR code is displayed as default option for login instead of keyboard.

  • NEW FEATURE Serial number of the device is displayed on Admin login screen.

Bug Fixes

  • Device spool didn't work if device has been connected via WiFi network card.

  • Easy scan wasn't delivered with Continuous scan enabled.

  • Numeric keyboard wasn't displayed on login screen by default.

  • Output B4 paper format for Easy copy was ignored.

  • Terminal can't communicate after restart of the MyQ services.

  • Terminal service wasn't stopped during Print server upgrade.

  • Terminal was stacked if user use SW logout button from the unfinished continuous Easy scan on some new devices.

  • User's wasn't able to use panel operations with long full name.

8.2.0 BETA1


  • Displaying of Quota title in Top menu header was improved.

  • Scanning via FTPS is available.

  • NEW FEATURE Cost centers are supported.

  • NEW FEATURE It is possible to use Credit and Quota rules at the same time. User can select which rule will be used.

  • NEW FEATURE Terminal package can be uninstalled from the device using No terminal in the configuration profile.

Bug Fixes

  • Job wasn't archived when user logged out during the operation.

  • Predefined parameters for Fax address template were ignored for Fax server destination.

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