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Before the installation

There are currently different packages for the EMEA region and for the US region (North, Central and South America). The package can be used only in the defined region.

The terminal package includes four files:

  • MyQ Canon Terminal.pkg – this file has to be installed on the server (described in Installation).

  • MyQ Terminal.jar – this file has to be installed on the device (described in Installation via SMS).

  • MyQ License Access Number – License key needed for Generating the License File in Installation via SMS.

  • MyQ EULA


  • An installed HDD in the device is mandatory.

  • The latest provided firmware for the device model must be installed.

  • The correct time and date must be set on the printing device to avoid issues with the Scan to Me functionality.

  • Microsoft .NET Core 6.0 must be installed.

  • MyQ Canon Embedded terminal 8.2 is supported on MyQ Print server 8.2 and newer.

For information about communication protocols and ports, check the MyQ Print Server guide.

Before installing the MyQ Canon embedded terminal package on the MyQ Server, you need to do the following:

Device Configuration

  1. Go to the printer’s web UI by accessing http://*IP address of the printer*/

  2. Provide your credentials, and click Log In.

  3. Go to Settings/Registration > User Management > Authentication Management > Control Panel Settings, and click Edit....

    Control Panel Settings on the device web UI
  4. In the Login Settings section, in Display Login Screen, select Display login screen when operation is started on the device, and click Update.

    Device web UI Login Settings
  5. Go to Settings/Registration > License/Other > ACCESS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Settings.

  6. Check the Use ACCESS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM checkbox, and click OK.

    Device web UI - Access Management System Settings
  7. Click Apply Setting Changes.

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