There are 3 ways to install the package on the device:

  1. Installation through Content Delivery System (CDS).

  2. Installation through the Device RUI.

  3. Installation via System Management Services (SMS).

Installation through Content Delivery System (CDS).

During the installation, communication between the printer and the Canon servers is required.

For this type of installation, only the License Access Number is required.

  1. On the printing device, open the Device Settings as Administrator, and select Management Settings.

    Management settings on the device
  2. Select License/Other.

    License, Other settings
  3. Select Register/Update Software.

    Register, Update Software option
  4. Select Install Applications/Options.

    Install Applications, Options setting
  5. Enter the License Access Number, and press Start.

  6. Select MyQ Terminal, and press Install.

    Installing MyQ Terminal
  7. Press Accept to accept the EULA.

    Accepting the EULA
  8. When this confirmation screen is displayed, press OK and restart the device to finish the installation and start the application.

    Installation successful
  9. You can check if the application is installed by logging in as an administrator on the device web UI (http://*IP address of the printer*/), and going to Service Management Service > Enhanced System Application Management.

    Device web UI - MyQ Terminal installed