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Easy Scan

Scanning by a single touch. After the user taps this action, the page is immediately scanned to a predefined destination. You can define multiple destinations where the scanned document is sent to, and set scan parameters in MyQ.

For information on how to configure the Easy Scan action and define its destinations and parameters, check Easy Scan settings in the MyQ Print Server guide.

  • If enabled on the server, users can change their scan settings from the terminal screen.

Changing the scan parameters on the terminal

  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) can be used with Easy Scan, by creating OCR profiles and enabling users to select them on the embedded terminal. You can find further details in OCR on the MyQ Print Server guide.

OCR format options on the terminal

Easy Scan Parameters

Each parameter has a Default option. If selected, the actual values are taken from the default scan settings of the printing device.

  • Resolution - The outgoing file's resolution. You can select from the following options:

    • 100 dpi

    • 200 dpi

    • 300 dpi

    • 400 dpi

    • 600 dpi

    • 1200 dpi

    • Default

  • Color - The outgoing file's color scale. You can select from the following options:

    • Color

    • Grayscale

    • B&W (two tones)

    • Automatic

    • Default

  • Format - The outgoing file's format. You can select from the following options:

    • PDF

    • JPEG

    • TIFF

    • XPS

    • Default

The combination JPEG with color Automatic or B&W is not valid. Just as TIFF with Automatic. The terminal will sent a PDF in case an invalid parameter combination is used.

  • Duplex - Simplex and Duplex scanning options. You can select from the following:

    • Single Sided

    • Duplex

    • Default

  • Original Image - Determines the way in which the printing device is going to process the scanned page.
    You can select from the following options:

    • Text + Photo

    • Photo

    • Text

    • Default

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