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Release Notes

MyQ Toshiba Embedded Terminal 8.2

  • Minimum requested support date: 15 January 2021

8.2 (patch 14)

24 November, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • In rare circumstances, the user may see incorrect jobs in the job list.

8.2 (patch 13)

25 October, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Printing from My Jobs wasn't possible if "Keep jobs for reprint" was set to "No" in MyQ Print Server Settings.

8.2 (patch 12)

25 August, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • User sessions have been mixed if the operations were accounted on the server after a network interruption.

8.2 (patch 11)

26 June, 2023


  • Size of the Easy Scan files was improved.

Bug Fixes

  • Duplex for printing was accounted incorrectly.

  • It wasn't possible to display Job properties in My jobs with Print server 10.2.

  • Panel operations weren't available for the Guest user. Pop-up window with message "Access denied" was displayed if Guest user tried to use Panel Copy or Panel Scan.

  • Print button was displayed in Job properties on the list of changed options (i.e. in the list of Duplex options).

8.2 (patch 10)

7 June, 2023


  • Confusing message "Log in to machine not possible: Waiting for MFP idle state" was displayed if there were any postponed jobs on the device (f.e. because on non available paper size). Now user is able to login if there are any postponed jobs but the printing operation will start after solving the issue of the postponed jobs.

  • Improved behavior of projects when there are no projects available for the user.

Bug Fixes

  • "Bad request" error message is displayed if user tries to use Job properties in My jobs.

  • If user selects the "No" option while reassigning a project in My jobs > Printed jobs or Favorite jobs, the project is set to No project even if the job was originally printed with a project.

  • Incorrect icon is used in Job filters for jobs which cannot be printed on the device.

  • Login via mobile application is not possible if credit or quota is enabled.

8.2 (patch 9)

24 February, 2023


  • Improved UI of the terminal.

  • Starting of MyQ Toshiba Terminal has been improved.

8.2 (patch 8)


  • A3 and Ledger formats are doubled in the terminal price list for the final price.

  • Show default parameter in Easy actions.

  • NEW FEATURE Print options displaying Job Cost.

Bug Fixes

  • The print button is active in job properties when the user doesn´t have a credit.

  • Toshiba services crashed when is disabled MyQ SMTP server port.

8.2 (patch 7)


  • Logs from the Toshiba Embedded terminal are logged to the main server log using the "Toshiba Terminal" subsystem.

Bug Fixes

  • Easy scan parameter Original orientation was not properly rotated.

  • Fixed issue with number of printed pages in report on devices with enabled service email notifications.

  • Long Terminal action's folder name broke the displaying of the embedded terminal.

8.2 (patch 6)

Bug Fixes

  • Easy scan is working on devices without ADF.

8.2 (patch 5)

Bug Fixes

  •  Panel operations weren't available if the Quota or Credit have been enabled.

8.2 (patch 4)

Bug Fixes

  •  Panel operations weren't available if the Quota or Credit have been enabled.

  • Panel operations locked in MS Cluster environment.

    For using hostnames in cluster environment the reverse DNS lookup for the cluster IP address has to be enabled.

8.2 (patch 3)

Bug Fixes 

  • Incorrect number of rows of projects have been displayed after removing search term from search input.

  • Internal device scan and print logs are deleted automatically during remote setup only.

  • Fixed error in remote setup installation on Toshiba e-STUDIO 306/307.

8.2 (patch 2)

Bug Fixes

  • Toshiba service was crashing.

8.2 (patch 1)


  • NEW FEATURE Scan statistics improved. It is possible to recognize f.e. BW/color, duplex/simplex, formats of scan.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved behavior of the Job status button in Top menu.

8.2 LTS

Bug Fixes

  • Panel scan failed when SMTP server address was set in the device web UI as SMTP address.

  • Panel scan was cancelled if MyQ server was used as SMTP address in device.

8.2 BETA3

Bug Fixes

  • Image of Ready jobs in My jobs has been centered.

  • Job status started to blinking red when the print on Toshiba started.

  • Job Status has been moved on login screen.

  • Sleep timer was changed to 1 minute during remote setup.
    LIMITATION: Sleep timer is used for Idle logout, in case that sleep timer will be set to f.e. 10 minutes, user will be logged out by Idle logout after 10 minutes.


  • Panel operations aren't accessible if remote setup is installed to device host name. Toshiba isn't supporting host names. Panel operations are accessible via device host name in case that host name is FQDN and SSL certificates are properly set.

  • Toshiba doesn't work with Subject Alternative Name (SAN) and wildcard certificates. The certificate must be issued to a specific host name in FQDN. In case that incorrect certificate is used card readers may not work properly.

  • Toshiba doesn't support Quota "Disable operation" without "Terminate the current job when reached". If "Disabled operation" is checked, Toshiba will always terminate the current job when quota is reached.

8.2 BETA2

Bug Fixes

  • Terminal wasn't displayed when Theme with white background was set.

  • Changing values in Edit profile on device panel displayed error message.

  • Quota title with Cost centers improved.

8.2 BETA


  • NEW FEATURE Panel scan User detection is implemented.

  • NEW FEATURE Cost centers are supported.

  • NEW FEATURE Information about trial license is displayed on the login screen.

  • NEW FEATURE Refreshing of the My jobs is improved.

  • NEW FEATURE QR code is displayed as default option for login instead of keyboard.

  • NEW FEATURE Information about Education or Government license edition is displayed on the login screen.

Bug Fixes

  • Incorrect value name of price list was displayed on the terminal.


  • It is possible to display max 2 digits after decimal point in Price list on the device panel despite the settings on the MyQ server.

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