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Update and Uninstallation

Updating the terminal

Updating the terminal is done on the MyQ web administrator interface. MyQ Server 8.2 patch 6 or higher, and Kyocera 8.1+ are required.

Check Terminal packages in the MyQ Print Server guide for further details.

For older MyQ Server or terminal packages versions, Delete the installed terminal package, and +Add the new one.

Uninstalling the terminal

Uninstalling the terminal via Remote configuration

The terminal can be uninstalled from the server using Remote configuration. During the remote configuration, the application is uninstalled from the device and the connection between the server and the device is cancelled.

  1. In the MyQ Web UI go to MyQ, Printers.

  2. Mark the devices that should be uninstalled.

  3. Set their configuration profile to No terminal and activate the devices.

Uninstalling the terminal on the device panel

MyQ can be uninstalled or deactivated on the Application menu of the printing device’s panel. If you choose to deactivate it, you can later reactivate it with its settings restored. The uninstallation (or deactivation) consists of two steps: you have to unlock the panel and then delete (or deactivate) the MyQ application on the Application menu.

  1. On the terminal's login screen, tap the MyQ icon, and then log in as the MyQ administrator.

  2. On the Admin Menu screen, tap the Unlock Panel button. The printing device's default screen opens.

  3. At the upper-left corner of the device panel, press the System menu button (or the System Menu/Counter button on some devices). The System Menu opens.

  4. On the System Menu, find and tap Application (or Favorites/Application on some devices).

  5. On the Application menu (or Favorites/Application menu), tap Application. The Application sub-menu opens.

  6. On the menu, select the MyQ Embedded application, and then tap Menu at the bottom-left corner of screen. The application menu opens.

  7. On the menu, tap Delete (or Deactivate), and then tap Yes to confirm the action. The application
    is deleted (or deactivated) and the MFP Panel default screen opens.

If the application is uninstalled on the device panel, the connection between the server and the device is still established.

Uninstalled terminal on the server

To cancel the connection, the device has to be activated with the No terminal configuration profile, described above.

Uninstallation of the application is also possible remotely via Kyocera Net Admin or the Kyocera Net Viewer application.

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