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Release Notes

MyQ Kyocera Embedded terminal 10.1

  • Minimum requested support date: 01 February 2023

10.1 RC 1

31 July, 2023


  • Displaying of the time when the job was spooled/printed in My jobs was changed to the “XX seconds/minutes/hours ago” format.

  • Keyboard/QR code switch on Login screen was improved. Only the non-used method is displayed.

Bug Fixes

  • It wasn’t possible to change the duplex parameter for Easy print.

  • "Job record saving failed" error message was displayed in the server log after Easy scan.

  • User was not returned to the Top menu from Panel Scan or Panel USB when the operation was finished if quota was reached.

10.1 Beta

23 June, 2023



  • MyQ Kyocera Embedded terminal 10.1+ can be used on devices with Java 1.8+ only.

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