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More options

The More shortcut takes you to the more actions screen, where the following options are available:

  • Servers - View and manage your servers.

  • App security - enable or disable Biometrics (face and fingerprint recognition).

  • About app - view information about the application.

  • Logout from app - Log out from the application.

More options


In Servers, you can view and manage MyQ servers.

Servers list

The currently used server is marked as connected. Other servers used in the past (or currently unreachable) are listed with a small red dot next to the server's name.

Tap the three-dots button at the right side of the server to display the following options:

Server options
  • Connect - Connect to the server.

  • Edit - Change the server’s name, IP address, port.

  • Delete - Delete the server (available only for servers that are not currently used).

Adding a new server

To add a new server, tap the + (plus) icon at the top. In the new window, you can either enter the new server’s information manually (add a server name, the IP address, and port) and tap ADD SERVER, or you can tap SCAN QR CODE.

Adding a new server


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