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Printing from mobile phones

MyQ offers two mobile printing applications that are multifunctional tools for simple management of tasks within the MyQ solution printing environment. They assist you anytime and anywhere you need to print or manage your print jobs, and provide you with simple access to a variety of MyQ features.

If you are using a MyQ Server 8.2+, and the embedded terminals version is compatible with MyQ Server 8.2+, you can use the MyQ X Mobile Client.

For any other MyQ Server version and embedded terminals combination, you can use the MyQ Mobile Printing Application (for further information, check the MyQ Mobile Printing Application guide).

Both apps are available for free download in Google Play (Android and ChromeOS), and App Store (iOS).

If you are not certain about the versions, contact your MyQ administrator.

If enabled by your administrator, you can print via AirPrint or Mopria, without the need of the MyQ mobile apps or additional drivers.

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