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Terminal Actions

This topic discusses terminal actions on the MyQ Sharp Embedded terminal and their features.

The default terminal actions are:

  • Print All

  • My Jobs

  • Panel Copy

  • Easy Scan — E-mail

  • Easy Scan — Folder

  • ID Card Registration (only visible if ID Card is selected as a login method)

  • Easy Copy

  • Panel Scan

default terminal actions

For information related to terminal action nodes management, check Terminal Actions Settings on the MyQ Print Server guide.

The other available terminal action nodes that can be used on the MyQ Sharp Embedded terminal, apart from the default ones mentioned above, are:

  • Easy Print

  • Edit Account

  • Recharge Credit

  • Folder

  • USB Scan

  • ID Card Copy

Easy Scan, Easy Copy, ID Card Copy are not available on devices with MX-AMX3 External Accounting Module (EAM) only.

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