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MyQ Web Interface

Accessing the MyQ Web Interface

To access the MyQ Web Interface, you need to open it in your web browser and log in as an administrator:

There are three ways to open the MyQ Web Interface:

  1. Open your web browser, and then enter the web address in the form:
    https://*MyQserver*:8090, where MyQserver represents the IP address or the host name of your MyQ server and 8090 is the default port for access to the server.

    Web address (URL) example
  2. Log on to the interface from the MyQ Easy Config Home tab, by clicking on the MyQ Web Administrator link in the MyQ Web Administrator section.

  3. Open the MyQ Web Administrator application. You can find this application on the Apps screen in Windows 8.1+, Windows Server 2012 and newer.

    MyQ Web Administrator App on Windows Server 2010

Logging in as an administrator

Enter the Server administrator name (*admin) and the password that you have set in the MyQ Easy Config application, and then click Log In. If you have not changed the default password yet (not recommended), enter the default one: 1234.

MyQ Web Administrator Interface login screen

In the drop-down at the top of the login window, you can select your preferred language.

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