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Release Notes

MyQ Desktop Client for Windows 8.2 (the successor of MyQ Smart Job Manager and MyQ Smart Print Services)

8.2 (patch 22)

31 October, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Typo in installer text.

  • MDC can't connect to the print server after PC restart.

8.2 (patch 21)

23 June, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • High CPU utilizations after a new direct queue is created.

8.2 (patch 20)

24 March, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Translations - missing translation IDs caused empty spaces in the dialog instead of default English in case of missing translation for a specific language.

8.2 (patch 19)

22 March, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Agent crashes if get server address from CSV file is used.

8.2 (patch 18)


  • NEW FEATURE Show application name in popup messages.

Bug Fixes

  • Login fails when using credit from Central Server.

  • SPL files are not being deleted.

  • Server disconnects after 1 minute when using Windows Single Sign on.

8.2 (patch 17)

Bug Fixes

  • When Remember me is disabled client will stay logged in for 5 minutes or until job interaction is complete.

  • Background operation errors are shown to the user as "internal error".

  • Quota appears multiple times when refreshing.

  • MDC installation fails when PowerShell execution policy is set to AllSigned.

8.2 (patch 16) 

Bug Fixes

  • LPM job cannot be printed because accounts are not known.

  • FB printing jobs are not prompting for projects or charging credit/quota.

8.2 (patch 15) 


  • NEW FEATURE Get the IP address of the Site server based on the client IP address range. Supported on CS 8.2 (Patch 19).

  • NEW FEATURE MDC configuration improvements.

Bug Fixes

  • Fallback printing doesn't work with SNMPv3.

  • After disabling remember me, the user is logged in, as the previous user if "Remember me" as Always was used.

  • If remember me option is disabled and the user logs in, clicking on 'Q' icon logs the user out.

  • MDC crashes when the server address is not resolvable.

  • Print job order mixed when printing to Direct Queue using MDC detection type.

  • User interaction window not closed after inactivity auto-logout occurs.

8.2 (patch 14) 


  • NEW FEATURE Reduce the number of API calls when connecting MDC.

Bug Fixes

  • Job sender's hostname limit is 15 characters when client spooling is not enabled.

  • MDC periodically disconnects with MS Cluster.

  • Reduce the number of requests when MDC starts.

  • Reduce the number of requests when a user logs into MDC.

  • Currency format adjusted according to language.

8.2 (patch 13) 


  • NEW FEATURE Search results return more items.

  • NEW FEATURE Add option to close MDC pop-up when jobs are pending.

Bug Fixes

  • IPP fallback printing.

8.2 (patch 12) 


  • NEW FEATURE Project searching options remembered.

8.2 (patch 11)

Bug Fixes

  • MDC suggests fail-over printing when the server is overloaded but online.

  • Max size of stored jobs is applied even when Client spooling is off.

  • LPM blocks MS Print to PDF despite not monitoring that port.

8.2 (patch 10)


  • Unify common settings and logs into one place.

Bug Fixes

  • LPM blocks Microsoft Print to PDF despite not monitoring that port.

  • Installer Modify command doesn't require Administrator rights.

  • Search field input lag.

8.2 (patch 9) 


  • MDC should not show disconnect status when the server returns 503 as a response.

8.2 (patch 8) 

Bug Fixes

  • Flight mode crashing Desktop Client App.

  • Idle state deleting job when set not to.

  • Print job security allows other characters and not only numbers.

8.2 (patch 7) 


  • NEW FEATURE When MDC services stop, disconnection prompt appears on the client.

  • NEW FEATURE Error shown in case of invalid server version.


  • Logs are more readable.

Bug Fixes

  • IPPS printing with Ricoh Devices.

  • Flight mode crashing Desktop Client app.

  • Incorrect price shown on MDC when discount is applied.

8.2 (patch 6) 


  • NEW FEATURE New tool to completely uninstall previous versions.

Bug Fixes

  • MDC not connecting after upgrade.

  • Corrected some parameters in silent installation.

8.2 (patch 5) 


  • NEW FEATURE Support unsecure communication.

Bug Fixes

  • Searching of users speed optimized.

8.2 (patch 4) 


  • NEW FEATURE Deletion of pending jobs if client is idle for X seconds.

  • NEW FEATURE Added support of radio group and checkbox group for Desktop Client user interaction scripting.

Bug Fixes

  • MDC's hostname with/without .local.

  • Client spooling duplicate print all/login.

8.2 (patch 3) 


  • Possible to set paper aliases for parser of local jobs via config.ini.

Bug Fixes

  • Pricelist is not cached.

  • Credit cost is not being accounted in offline mode.

  • MyQJobProcessor.exe could crash (only visible in Windows Event Viewer).


Bug Fixes

  • Error on server calling endpoint.

  • Installation error.

  • Error when assigning project.

8.2 BETA1 


  • Desktop Client is the successor of Smart Job Manager and Smart Print Services.

  • SYSTEM REQUIREMENT MyQ Print Server 8.2 (Patch 3) or newer is required.

  • Manual available at:

Component Versions

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.NET Framework

C++ Runtimes


MDC 8.2 (patch 13)


VC++ 2015-2022


MDC 8.2 (Beta1)


VC++ 2015-2019 (vc16)

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