MyQ Desktop Client for Windows 10.0

10.0 (patch 2)

Bug Fixes

  • Login fails when using credit from Central Server.

  • MDC blocks printing with some drivers.

  • Append domain name to username not assigning the print job to the user.

  • SPL files are not being deleted.

  • Server disconnects after 1 minute when using Windows Single Sign on.

10.0 (patch 1)

Bug Fixes

  • When Remember me is disabled, client will stay logged in for 5 minutes or until job interaction is complete.

  • Background operation errors are shown to the user as "internal error".

  • MDC 10.0 registers its REST API application with SW version 8.2.

  • MDC installation fails when PowerShell execution policy is set to AllSigned.

10.0 RTM 


  • NEW FEATURE Get IP address of Site server based on client IP address range. Supported on CS 10 (Patch 4).

  • NEW FEATURE MDC configuration improvements.

  • NEW FEATURE Added option to close MDC pop-up when jobs are pending.

  • Data folder moved to "ProgramData/Brand/Desktop Client".

  • Process names changed.

Bug Fixes

  • After disabling remember me, the user is logged in, as the previous user if "Remember me" as Always was used.

  • LPM job cannot be printed because accounts are not known.

10.0 RC


  • NEW FEATURE Reduce the number of API calls when connecting MDC.

  • Encryption Algorithms table updated.

  • NEW FEATURE Add option to close MDC popup when jobs are pending.

  • Data folder moved to "ProgramData/Brand/Desktop Client".

  • Process names changed.

  • Visual Studio updated.

  • MDC updated to .NET 6.0.

  • NEW FEATURE Search results return more items.

Bug Fixes

  • Job sender's hostname limit is 15 characters when client spooling is not enabled.

  • MDC periodically disconnects with MS Cluster.

  • Reduce the number of requests when MDC starts.

  • Reduce the number of requests when the user logs into MDC.

  • IPP fallback printing.

  • Currency format adjusted according to language.

Component Versions

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.NET Framework

C++ Runtimes


MDC 10.0 RC

.NET 6.0/ .Net Framework 4.7.2

VC++ 2015-2022 v14.32.31326.0

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