MyQ Xerox Embedded terminal 7.6


10 March, 2023


  • Logging to terminal log has been improved.

  • Stability of Xerox Terminal service has been improved.


  • Devices with EIP 3.5 and lower platforms are not officially supported in MyQ Xerox Embedded Terminal 7.6. The installation of the application is possible, but some functions may be limited.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved start of Easy copy.

  • Improved start of Easy scan.

  • Search of codebook values was not updated if the search result was empty.



  • Searching is started after pressing the button for search.

Bug Fixes

  • Remote configuration was not set with SNMPv3.


Bug Fixes

  • Long text overflows to other displayed rows in MyQ users.

  • Long user's full name wasn't truncated in Top menu.

  • Xerox Terminal service wasn't started when server was booting up.

7.6.0 BETA 


  • Manual installation of the script with server certificate is not required before the installation of the Xerox embedded package on MyQ server. SSL only is still required.

  • NEW FEATURE Easy Copy is supported.

  • NEW FEATURE Failover printing from MyQ Desktop Client is supported.

    Limitations of this feature on Xerox embedded:

    • Manual settings of configuration in device web UI for each device using Failover printing via MyQ Desktop Client is required.

    • With these manual settings Top menu/My jobs header with credit/quota limits aren't refreshed automatically, user has to log out and log in to refresh the values.

    • All jobs printed via Failover printing from MyQ Desktop Client are accounted to *unauthenticated.

  • NEW FEATURE It is possible to use username + password login method or PIN login method at the same time. LIMITATION Xerox cannot show custom login screen or more than one input field at a time. When combination of username and password or PIN is used, the user is going to be asked for username which can be left blank to enter PIN instead of password.

  • NEW FEATURE Scan to Fax server is implemented.

  • NEW FEATURE Themes are supported.

Bug Fixes

  • Xerox service failed to start after change of the server default port.


  • Text field for entering the PIN or username is displayed if user swipe the card and ID card login method is not enabled. User is not logged in by swiping the card if ID card login method is not enabled.