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Fallback Printing via MDC

For configuring MDC and using Fallback printing please check the MyQ Desktop Client guide.

In order to use Fallback Printing via MDC on Xerox Embedded terminals, the following settings must be manually changed in the device’s web UI for each Xerox device:

For Xerox EIP 3.7

Login to the Web UI of the terminal as an admin and go to Permissions, Accounting method. Edit Network accounting method when you Setup Limits, set Prints to disabled, and click OK.

For Xerox EIP 4.0

Login to the Web UI of the terminal as an admin and go to Properties, Login/Permissions/Accounting, Accounting Methods, Accounting Workflow. In Print Jobs, select Capture Usage from the drop-down and click Save.


  • All jobs printed using Fallback Printing via MDC are accounted as *unauthenticated.

  • If the Pre-authorization for Print jobs/Limits for Print jobs is disabled, the header status with credit/quota limits in the terminal’s Top menu/My jobs isn’t refreshed automatically. Users must log out and log in in order to refresh the values.

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