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The Application terminal action node tries to launch another EIP application installed on the device. To do so, the MyQ app searches for any application whose name matches the reference configured in the Print Server's web UI.

Application action

If the application is not found on the device, an error message is displayed.

It is not possible to launch native applications.

If the application is found but it cannot be launched, no error message will be displayed.

Application error

A note about the application name: According to the Xerox's SDK documentation, each application registered (installed) on the device must provide a name "for display to a system administrator by multiple device UIs and offline tools", so this name should be visible on those UIs and tools (the device's web UI, for example) and must be used as the reference when configuring the application action on the print server.


  • It is not possible to launch native applications.

  • The application being launched must be compatible with the browser version MyQ is running on.

  • When the launched application finishes, the user is redirected to the device's panel. It is not possible to return to MyQ's top menu.

  • If the application cannot be launched, it is not possible to show any error messages.

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