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MyQ methods of printing

Depending on the setup done by your MyQ administrator, there are multiple methods of printing, from several devices, with varying printing options.

  • Direct printing - This is the most basic method and works in the same way as common printing, where the job is sent directly to a selected printing device.

  • Pull Print printing - With this method, you can send a print job to be held on the MyQ server for as long as you need, and select from a number of printing devices where it can be printed. To print the job, you just need to authenticate yourself on the printing device terminal. After the authentication, the job is either immediately printed or displayed on the terminal touch panel, where you can manage it. Depending on the type and settings of the terminal, you might have either one, or both of these options. To use this method, an embedded terminal or a hardware terminal is required.

  • Delegated printing - The delegated printing feature is an extension of the pull print printing method that allows you to share your print jobs with a specified group of other users. These users can release the jobs on an embedded terminal in the same way they would release their own jobs.

  • Printing from email - If this option is enabled by your administrator, you can print a document by attaching it to an email and sending it to a special email account dedicated to print. Jobs send via email are limited to 500MB per email message, all attachments included. In addition, you can change the print job parameters by adding keywords to the email subject. You can choose from the following keywords: #color (color print), #mono (monochrome print), #duplex (print on both sides of a paper), #simplex (print on one side of a paper), #ecoon (toner-save print mode on), #ecooff (toner-save print mode off). They can be used as any part of the subject and do not have to be separated. For example, an email with the MyPrintJob #mono#duplex subject will force the job to be printed in monochrome and duplex.

  • Printing from the MyQ web user interface - If this option in enabled by your administrator, you can upload and print files directly in the MyQ web user interface.

  • Printing from your mobile phone - You can print from your mobile phone using the MyQ X Mobile Client, the MyQ Mobile Printing Application, or via AirPrint and Mopria.

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