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System Requirements

The operating system and other software require their own additional system resources. The system requirements described below are only for MyQ solution.

MyQ Print Server - Standalone mode

MyQ Print Server HW requirements up to 600 devices





Physical Core*










Storage space


33GB - 350 GB

380GB - 1TB

1,4TB - 2TB

*It is recommended to use +1 physical core if Credit/Quota is used.
(calculated with AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920X 3,5GHz)

Valid for a typical use case:

  • Print job spooling via Windows spooler or directly to MyQ print queue

  • Integrated Firebird database - installed automatically

  • Activated Job Parser

  • Activated Job Archiving

  • High number of Office documents printed via email/web/mobile 

  • Use of MyQ Desktop Client or

    • Use of MyQ Smart Job Manager

    • Use of MyQ Smart Print Services

  • Watermarks used in queues

  • Heavy usage of MyQ API

  • 170 users per device (up to 100 000 users total)

  • Heavy printing

  • 30% active user sessions at once

  • Embedded terminal installed on all devices


  • Install Windows updates out of working hours.

  • Always monitor the server performance during peak usage hours and adjust the settings accordingly.

  • Changing the power plan of Windows Server in Control Panel – Hardware – Power Options from Balanced (the default setting) to High performance is recommended to utilize the maximum performance. This may help speed up database operations.

For support up to 600 devices or more branches installations, check the MyQ Print Server guide / MyQ Central Server guide.


The MyQ Print Server installation files are approximately 700MB.

The annual printing volume for 1 printer is approximately 10,000 jobs; it is possible to multiply this value for the particular number of printers.

MyQ data folder (jobs, main database, and log database increasing):

10k jobs

100k jobs

1M jobs



3,5 TB

Counted for jobs with 2,9MB size.

By default, jobs are deleted every 7 days.

The Job archiving feature needs additional free space in data storage due to used configuration.

A dedicated disk for MyQ Data storage (jobs, main database and log database) is recommended.

During upgrades of the MyQ Print Server system, the actual size of the MyQ installation on the server (including MyQ database) may temporarily grow up to four times.
The size of the MyQ database depends on the size and complexity of your printing environment (number of users, printing devices, sent jobs etc.).

Storage performance
  • minimum 100 IOPS required.

  • RAID data storage supported.

  • for systems with a large number of direct queues, it is strongly recommended using SSD.

MyQ Desktop Client

If there are 100 - 1000 or more client computers using MyQ Desktop Client (or MyQ Smart Job Manager and/or MyQ Smart Print Services), the MyQ Print Server requires 2+ physical cores just for the MyQ Desktop Client operations. The recommended configuration may vary according to the system load.

Recommended no. of users and groups

Users: up to 100,000 (30,000 - 60,000 per one synchronizing line). Depends on the length and number of fields for synchronization.
Groups: up to 40,000/10 tree levels (group in group in group). Each user can be in up to 50 groups.

Operating System

Windows Server 2012/2012 R2/2016/2019/2022, with all the latest updates; only 64bit OS supported.
Windows 8.1/10/11**, with all the latest updates; only 64bit OS supported. Be aware of the connection limit of up to 20 clients (Windows EULA).

**For the trouble-free running of the machine, it is strongly recommended using a Windows Server
operating system.

Additional software required

Microsoft .NET Core 6.0 is installed automatically at the beginning of the MyQ installation. If the installation fails, the installer cannot proceed, and the installation is terminated. In such cases, .NET Core 6.0 has to be manually installed prior to the MyQ installation.

Microsoft .NET Framework is not automatically installed and needs to be installed prior to running the MyQ installation.

Web browser

  • Microsoft Edge 91 or higher (Recommended)

  • Google Chrome 91 or higher

  • Mozilla Firefox 91 or higher

  • Apple Safari 15 or higher

  • Opera 82 or higher

  • Internet Explorer and MS Edge Legacy are no longer supported

WebSocket notifications only work with valid certificates in some browsers. Some MyQ features may have limited functionality without them, and it's recommended to have them valid and installed on all client devices.


DigiCert Global Root CA certificate (required for Installation Key license activation) →
It should be included by default in the latest updated Windows versions.
Supported Public Key Infrastructure for asymmetric cryptography.

Main Communication Ports

For a complete list of the communication ports check the MyQ Print Server guide.


  • To make sure that the MyQ system runs smoothly, you need to set an exception for MyQ in your antivirus setup.

  • MyQ should not be installed on a Domain Controller.

MyQ installation in Private cloud

MyQ can also be installed in Private Cloud. For requirements and further details, see Installation in Private Cloud, in the MyQ Print Server guide.

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