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USB Card Reader connection

To enable the use of a USB card reader on a printing device, the Kyocera Card Authentication Kit (B) has to be activated on the printing device. The Kyocera Card Authentication Kit (B) is an optional plugin for all Kyocera printing devices based on HyPAS technology. If it is enabled and a supported card reader is connected to the USB slot, MyQ can read data acquired by the reader and use them for user identification.

For a full unlimited version of CAK(B) ask your Kyocera supplier.

You can run the kit in a demo mode with the functionality limited to 30 days; the demo can be executed 3 times on each device.

If the CAK(B) is enabled, but no compatible reader is connected to the USB slot, the ID card reader not connected permanent error message is displayed on the panel.

To activate the Card Authentication Kit (B):

  1. On the upper-left corner of the device’s physical board, press the System Menu button (or System Menu/Counter button on some devices). The System Menu opens.

  2. Tap System (or System/Network on some devices). The System menu opens.

  3. Tap Optional Function. The Optional Function menu opens.

  4. Select CARD AUTHENTICATION KIT and tap Activate at the bottom-left corner of the screen. You are prompted to enter the license code for the application.

  5. If you have the CAK(B) license code, enter it and confirm it. If you have no license code and just want to check the functionality, select Trial.

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