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Terminal Actions

Once a user logs in to the Kyocera Embedded Lite terminal, they are shown a slightly modified interface of the printing device, where they can perform standard print, copy or scan actions and, depending on the device model, some of the additional features of the Embedded Lite terminal: pull print, managing print jobs, and scanning directly to a user's MyQ folder or email.

Print actions

Depending on the printing device model, users are provided with one of the two versions of the pull print action: Simple print and Advanced print. With the Simple version, all print jobs that are in the ready state in MyQ are released immediately after the user logs in. The Advanced version enables users to further manage their jobs on the terminal.

  • Simple print - After a user logs in, all of their ready print jobs are immediately printed and no other print actions can be taken on the terminal.

  • Advanced print - After a user logs in, a dialog box with two print options — All Print and Select Documents — appears on the printing device's screen.

    • All Print - If a user selects the All Print option, all of their ready print jobs are immediately printed.

    • Select Documents - If a user selects the Select Documents option, the My Print dialog box with advanced print options appears. In the box, users can select any number of documents, and then either print or delete them. The print and delete buttons appear after one or more jobs are selected on the screen.

The server option Print all jobs after logging in is not supported by Kyocera Embedded Lite terminals.

Scan actions

Scanning on the terminal works in the same way as scanning on the printing device's panel without the terminal, except for the Send to Me option, which enables users to scan directly to their MyQ folder or email.

Send to Me - If a user taps the Send To Me button, the outgoing scanned file is stored in the folder or email(s) set in the user properties panel on the Users main tab of the MyQ web administrator interface.

Copy actions

Copying on the terminal works in the same way as copying on the printing device's panel without the terminal.

Fax actions

Faxing on the terminal works in the same way as faxing on the printing device's panel without the terminal.

Logging out

Users can log out by tapping the Logout button, which is either part of the device's operation panel or it is displayed on the home screen of the printing device touch panel.

Adding and removing buttons from the Home screen

On Kyocera models that support home screen customization, you can add and remove buttons from the terminal's Home screen. For information if a particular model supports the feature, please see its Kyocera manual or ask your Kyocera provider.

To add or delete buttons from the Home screen, you need to log in to the printing device as an administrator, and customize the screen.

  1. When the device is in the ready status (no users are logged in), press System Menu / Counter on the printing device's panel. The Keyboard Login button appears on the screen.

  2. Tap Keyboard Login and log in by selecting Local and entering the device's admin credentials. The System menu screen opens (for information about the credentials, see the printing device's manual).

  3. On the screen, tap Home. The Home dialog box appears.

  4. In the dialog box, tap Customize Desktop: Change. The Home - Customize Desktop dialog box appears.

  5. In the dialog box, you can see the current layout of the Home screen. To add or remove a button from the screen, tap Add or Delete, select the button that you want to add or remove, and then submit the selection.

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