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Release Notes

MyQ HP Embedded Terminal 10.1 is available for MyQ 10.1+.

MyQ HP Embedded Trminal 8.2 (HP FutureSmart platform)

  • Minimum requested support date: 15 January 2021

MyQ HP Embedded Terminal 8.2 (patch 13)

18 March, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Terminal stops working if the user session is longer than 30 minutes. MyQ Print Server 8.2 patch 45 or MyQ Print Server 10.1 patch 10 and newer are also required.

MyQ HP Embedded Terminal 8.2.10 (patch 12)

5 June, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Swedish language translations were missed.

MyQ HP Embedded Terminal 8.2.10 (patch 10)


  • NEW FEATURE Stapling and Punching parameters are displayed in Job Properties.
    LIMITATION: It is not possible to check if the finisher is connected, the properties are displayed every time and the usage of the parameters is related to the connected type of finisher.

Bug Fixes

  • Custom logo is not displayed correctly on devices with small screen display.

MyQ HP Embedded Terminal 8.2.9 (patch 9)


  • Error message related to invalid credentials has been improved.

  • Starting of MyQ HP Terminal has been improved.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved handling of the invalid date of the end job notification.

  • MyQ HP Terminal service wasn't possible to start when SMTP server ports were disabled in MyQ web UI.

MyQ HP Embedded Terminal 8.2.8 (patch 8)


  • NEW FEATURE Original orientation parameter for Easy Scan and Easy Copy is supported.

Bug Fixes

  • Custom logo was incorrectly displayed on devices with small screen.

  • Empty error message was displayed when Easy copy was made immediately after Easy scan on slow devices.

  • Job price was shown in My jobs if the quota has been monitored.

  • Keyboard wasn't displayed if the QR code was set as default login method and login via QR code was disabled.

  • Star icon for favorite has been displayed for editing of the custom codebook values.

MyQ HP Embedded Terminal 8.2.7 (patch 7)


  • Custom Code book values on device panel have only one text field.

  • Improved process of calling operations.

  • Improved warning message for Print all after login when Credit is insufficient.

  • Improved loading of icons.

  • NEW FEATURE It is possible to Always display job price even if the credit or quota is disabled. MyQ Print server 10.1 is required for this feature.

Bug Fixes

  • Items from XML picklist were not listed in External workflows.

  • List of the items from SQL were not filtered by tagged item from previous step in External workflows.

  • Swiping in Top menu was circular if there were more pages with Terminal actions.

MyQ HP Embedded Terminal 8.2.6 (patch 6)


  • Some terminal warnings and messages strings has been changed to be more user friendly.

  • Scrollbar in My jobs or Easy operations keeps position after change of the screen until user is returned back to Top menu.

  • Added help text for the vendor specific parameters in Configuration profile.

Bug Fixes

  • Terminal installation failed without vendor specific parameters.

  • Selection of cost center was possible even if all terminal actions were blocked by quota or credit.

  • Job statistics were not reported correctly.

  • Fixed header of Top menu.

MyQ HP Embedded Terminal 8.2.5 (patch 5)


  • HP Embedded terminal is optimized for 11" displays.

  • HP Package Manager is used for configuration of the card readers only.

  • It is possible to configure HP card reader settings out of MyQ.

  • Logs from the HP Embedded terminal are logged to the main server log using the "HP Terminal" subsystem.

  • Stability improvement.

Bug Fixes

  • Admin PIN for HP terminal wasn't able to change.

  • Guest login button wasn't visible if the two factor authentication is used.

  • Number of copies wasn't able to decrease in Job properties.

  • Price of the job is displayed in red color in Job properties if user doesn't have enough credit for printing the job.

  • QR code has been displayed on the device panel even if it was disabled on server.

MyQ HP Embedded Terminal 8.2.4 (patch 4) 


  • NEW FEATURE It is possible to change Exploded mode/Kiosk mode or open the Card reader settings page of the HP Embedded package directly from the configuration profile. MyQ 8.2 patch 10 or newer is required for this feature.

  • NEW FEATURE Job costs are displayed in Job properties.

  • NEW FEATURE It is possible to continue in browsing the questions for ScannerVision without selecting of the question.

  • NEW FEATURE It is possible to not display the default values of ScannerVision questions on the device panel.

Bug Fixes

  • Logout by ID card wasn't working.

  • Fixed issues with card readers.

  • Project selection is available for External workflows.

MyQ HP Embedded Terminal 8.2.3 (patch 3)


  • NEW FEATURE Values for the Easy Copy, Easy Scan, and Easy Fax are detected on the device panel instead of the displaying the default values.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with card readers.

MyQ HP Embedded Terminal 8.2.2 (patch 2)


  • UI optimization (Big Display).

  • UI optimization (Small Display).

  • NEW FEATURE MyQ authentication method for ScannerVision client is implemented.

  • Job properties UI correction.

Bug Fixes

  • Adjusting number of copies (fewer than 2).

  • Issue with processing jobs from Panel actions for users with active projects and credit.

  • Information about job properties and favorite jobs weren't correctly aligned in My jobs on some newer models.

  • Recharge credit pop up window disappear after auto refresh of the screen after login of user with not enough credit on some new models.

  • System keyboard was displayed when user started to enter PIN via MyQ numeric keyboard on some new models.

  • Price shown when credit disabled.

  • Fixed UI of ID card registration.

  • Fixed missing labels of buttons on some new models.

  • Tray settings locked after installing MyQ terminal.

MyQ HP Embedded Terminal 8.2.1 (patch 1)


  • NEW FEATURE Continuous scan parameter is supported for External workflows.

Bug Fixes

  • Custom logo was displayed on wrong place on some devices with 4.3" display.

  • Improved error message with Scanner offline.

  • Improved the layout of the pop up messages to prevent freezing of the device after scan.

  • Improved reading of card readers after system maintenance.

  • Message about restricted device panel items is displayed if user try to login and panel operations aren't available.

  • User isn't automatically logged out by Idle timeout during the operation, if user try to logout manually during the operation, message that processed job may be cancelled is displayed.

MyQ HP Embedded Terminal 8.2.0 LTS


  • NEW FEATURE Panel scan User detection is implemented.

  • Displaying of Quota title in Top menu header was improved.

  • NEW FEATURE Switching of Top Menu tiles is possible by swiping gesture or by the switch.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved pop up message about Scanner offline.

MyQ HP Embedded Terminal 8.2.0 RC3

Bug Fixes

  • Accounting statistics have been improved.

MyQ HP Embedded Terminal 8.2.0 RC2


  • Security improvement.

Bug Fixes

  • Incoming fax was accounted to *unauthenticated user instead of *fax user.

  • Unlock panel Terminal action button was disabled when quota was ran out, but it was enabled when credit was ran out. Now it is enabled when quota or credit is ran out.

  • SharePoint folders wasn't displayed with using on External workflows (ScannerVision).

  • Job roaming spooled jobs weren't displayed correctly in the My jobs in first login after spooling of the jobs.

  • Easy scan - Text parameter was able to set empty when Text parameter was required.

  • Login screen wasn't displayed instead of the Cost center selection screen automatically in the case of inactivity.


  • Panel operations aren't available 1-2 minutes after device start. This limitation is on HP’s side and it is caused because HP AuthenticationService is not available immediately after device restart.

MyQ HP Embedded Terminal 8.2.0 RC


  • Parent Panel scan and Panel USB terminal actions are disabled when quota or credit are spent.

  • Refreshing of the jobs in My jobs has been improved.

Bug Fixes

  • All credit has been blocked after using panel operations (Panel scan, Panel copy or Panel USB) and balance hasn't been released after finishing the job.

MyQ HP Embedded Terminal 8.2.0 BETA


  • NEW FEATURE Cost centers are supported.

  • NEW FEATURE QR code is displayed as default option for login instead of keyboard.

  • NEW FEATURE Information about Government or Education edition is displayed on Embedded terminal login screen.

  • Displaying of spooled time of jobs in My jobs was changed.

  • Improved error message in server log about Remote setup failed because of invalid credentials.

  • NEW FEATURE It is possible to use another application installed in the device using the Application terminal action.

  • NEW FEATURE Information about Trial license or NFR license is displayed on Embedded terminal login screen.

  • NEW FEATURE It is possible to use Credit and Quota rules at the same time. User can select which rule will be used.

  • NEW FEATURE Built-in Certificate Authority certificates are possible to use for SSL communication with HP Embedded terminal.

Bug Fixes

  • Warning messages after installing the package in the database log were fixed.

  • Job wasn't possible to mark as favorite in My jobs.

  • Message Print all after login wasn't displayed complete in some languages.

  • Long username wasn't shortened and header of the terminal was displayed incorrectly.

  • Message about impossibility of printing jobs because of policy reasons was improved. Now the reason why the job wasn't possible to print is also displayed.

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