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Communication Security

MyQ runs with secure communication (SSL) by default, but also offers three different certificate authority modes, that can be modified in MyQ, Settings, Network.

MyQ web UI - Communication Security

Built-in Certificate Authority

When using this mode (default), the MyQ Certificate Authority certificate is automatically installed to the device during the remote setup.

If the remote setup has finished successfully but the device still doesn't recognize the certificate, it could be because:

  • Uploading CA fails. If this happens, the remote setup will not fail. In the terminal log, there will be an error like "Error in certificate setup". The administrator needs to upload CA manually to the machine (described below).

  • Uploading CA succeeds (no error in the terminal log), but the certificate can't be found in the HP web UI settings. The administrator needs to upload CA manually to the machine.

  • Duplicate CA in the machine. If this happens, remove all the MyQ certificates and run the remote setup again.

Using custom certificates

In case a custom SSL certificate is uploaded in MyQ, the certificate should also be installed in device web UI and in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities on the server.

HP Web UI - Certificate management

Manual certificate management

In case Uploading CA fails or your device doesn’t recognize the certificate, export the certificate from the MyQ web administrator interface (MyQ, Settings, Network - Communication Security - Export CA certificate) and install the exported certificate in the device web UI.

Exporting CA certificate on the MyQ web UI
HP Web UI - Certificate management

Enable unsecure communication

If SSL communication is not required, you can enable unsecure communication (not recommended) in MyQ Easy Config. Go to the Settings tab, under Web Server, enable Allow unsecure communication and click Save.

MyQ Easy Config - Allow unsecure communication

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