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Release Notes

MyQ HP Embedded terminal 10.1 (HP FutureSmart platform)

  • Minimum requested support date: 01 February 2023

What’s new in 10.1

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  • Easy Print is supported.

  • Folder browsing for Easy Scan is supported.

  • Folder browsing for printing is supported.

  • Job preview is supported.

  • Standalone HP scanners are supported.

10.1 (patch 3)

15 December, 2023


  • Easy Scan: If you change the scan parameters, you can reuse them for another scan. The parameters are reset only when you return to the Top Menu.

Bug Fixes

  • Easy print: Job options are not translated, the options are displayed in English language only.

  • When the terminal is installed, the Supplies screen is not accessible on the device panel.

  • Easy Print: User is not automatically redirected to the Top menu if cloud storage is not connected.

10.1 (patch 2)

21 July, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Incorrect error message is displayed if user doesn't have rights for using any projects and tries to use Easy Print.

10.1 (patch 1)

6 June, 2023


  • Improvement of contacting Quota server.

  • Romanian language is supported. Print server 10.2 Beta 2 or newer is required.

  • Warning is displayed in the server log if the server certificate could not be imported to the device automatically during remote configuration and the certificate has to be uploaded manually.

Bug Fixes

  • HP native pop-up window with the message "Ready" was displayed during the whole Easy copy operation until all papers were printed on devices with HP FutureSmart 5.5+ firmware.

10.1 RTM


Bug Fixes

  • Default option is listed instead of the actual value for some Easy Copy and Easy Scan operations.

  • Job Preview function buttons are incorrectly displayed on some devices with big display.

  • Print from Cloud HP native function isn’t removed after terminal uninstallation.

  • Text fields on login screen aren’t rounded when using white themes.

10.1.0 RC


  • Displaying of the QR code on the login screen improved.

  • NEW FEATURE Standalone HP scanners are supported.

Bug Fixes

  • Bad request was displayed if user try to mark job as favorite if he didn't have rights for using the Project.

  • Easy Print was not displayed in Exploded mode. Now it is displayed in Print from Cloud.

  • Job Properties in Job Preview on small screen's weren't displayed.

  • Options in Job Preview on the device panel was displayed incorrectly.


  • For login via card in Exploded mode with using Credit, Quota or Cost centers the MyQ Login screen has to be active. It is not possible to login from the Sign-in screen or if the device is sleeping.

10.1.0 BETA1


  • Improved behavior of projects when there are no projects with rights available for the user.

  • Improved the projects assigning when user has no rights for the project anymore.

  • UI improved.

  • NEW FEATURE Easy Print is supported.

  • NEW FEATURE Folder browsing for Easy Scan is supported.

  • NEW FEATURE Folder browsing for printing is supported.

  • NEW FEATURE Job preview is supported.

Bug Fixes

  • Custom logo is not displayed correctly on devices with small screen display.

  • QR code is visible in the 2nd screen of 2-factor login and in Admin Login.

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