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Release Notes

MyQ Epson Embedded Terminal 10.1 is now available for MyQ 10.1+.

MyQ Epson Embedded Terminal 8.2

  • Minimum requested support date: 15 January 2021

8.2 (patch 3)

18 September, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Remote Setup made resilient to API changes potentially introduced by future firmware updates.

8.2 (patch 2)


  • Compatibility with the newer firmware of the devices.

8.2 (patch 1)


  • QR code is displayed as default value even if the QR code is not set as default on server on small screen Epson devices.

  • NEW FEATURE Keep printing after logging out is implemented.

Bug Fixes

  • Embedded terminal wasn't able to install when server was set to Dutch.

  • Improved terminal package installation to the server.

  • Login button text had incorrect color.

  • Login screen wasn't displayed on devices with Epson platform 1.0 only.

  • Scrolling was not possible in Paper format tab of Recharge Credit terminal action.

  • Value for codebooks was still present without confirming.



  • Improved UI of the terminal.

  • It is not possible to run Easy scan with invalid combination of scan parameters for the device. If users try to use invalid combination, an error message is shown on the device panel.

  • It is possible to return from nested folder directly to Top menu after clicking on the header next to the back arrow.

  • Logs from the Epson Embedded terminal are logged to the main server log using the "Epson Terminal" subsystem.

  • NEW FEATURE Information about Government or Education edition is displayed on Embedded terminal login screen.

  • NEW FEATURE Information about Trial or NFR license is displayed on Embedded terminal login screen.

  • NEW FEATURE It is possible to Always display job price even if the credit or quota is disabled. MyQ Print server 10.1 is required for this feature.

  • NEW FEATURE Job costs are displayed in Job properties.

  • NEW FEATURE QR code is displayed as default option for login instead of keyboard.

  • NEW FEATURE Values for Easy Scan are detected on the device panel instead of displaying the default values.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with stuck Direct print user session.

8.2 RC2


8.2 RC


Bug Fixes

  • Job was marked as No project when project has been assigned manually via Web UI in Printed jobs.

8.2 BETA


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