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The easiest way to install the MyQ Canon Embedded terminal is via remote installation from the MyQ Web administrator interface. This method is very simple and it is preferable, especially when you need to install the terminal on a large number of printing devices, since you can install multiple devices in a batch.

You do this by creating separate printer discoveries and adding a configuration profile to any one of them. At the same time, you can assign the discovered printers to a group and/or queue.

Before the installation, make sure that the server hostname/IP address in MyQ, Settings, Network is correct. If it’s not, which could happen after a license update or upgrade, the remote setup will fail.

MyQ server hostname error

Remote installation via Printer Discovery

  1. Follow the instructions in the MyQ Print Server guide to create and configure a Printer Discovery.

  2. Then, you should create a configuration profile to attach to your Printer Discovery.

  3. The Canon section is displayed when the Canon terminal package is installed on the MyQ server. Applying the changes in the Canon section on the terminal requires a force remote configuration of the device.

    Canon section in the configuration profile
  • It is possible to change the Local Admin Pin. When the field is empty, the default value 1087 is used.

  • Log debug messages allows to enable/disable the Debug level of logging. If the setting is enabled, the terminal will generate additional log information for auditing and troubleshooting purposes. NOTE: This setting is applied to all the printers in this configuration profile, which can cause a heavier load on the Server. If you want the setting Log debug messages to be applied to just one printer, a separate Configuration profile needs to be created just for this printer.

  • It is possible to change the Panel logout button function of the terminal. The available options are Logout and Return to top menu.

    • If the option is set to Logout, the user is logged out from the terminal and the Login screen is displayed after pressing the Log Out button on an unlocked device panel.

      Panel log out
    • If the option is set to Return to Top menu, the Top menu is displayed after pressing the Log Out button on an unlocked device panel and the user’s session is still in progress.

      Log out returns you to the Top menu


Installation initiated by the terminal

Another method of installing an embedded terminal is to use Installation initiated by the terminal. The application has to be installed on the device (Package Installation on the device). Install the application on the printing device system menu and then install the package on the server, create a Printer Discovery with Installation initiated by terminal and use this Printer Discovery. This may be convenient if you need to install the terminal to a small number of devices that you have physical access to.

  1. Install and activate the package on the server:

    1. Go to MyQ, Settings, Printers & Terminals; Under Terminal Packages click +Add and upload the MyQ Canon Terminal x.x.x.pkg package file.

    2. Create a Configuration profile.

  2. Create a Printer Discovery and activate the printer:

    1. Create a Printer Discovery, specify the IP range and enable the option Initiated by terminal in the Advanced section.

      Initiated by terminal setting
    2. In the Printer Discovery’s Actions tab, add a new Action. In the Actions properties, in the Set configuration profile select the Configuration profile assigned to the terminal package. In the First run actions section, enable the Activate option.

      Set configuration profile setting
  3. Log in to the Admin menu.

    1. Specify the Server address (Hostname or IP address of the server) and the Server port and Save the configuration.

      Admin Menu settings
  4. After saving the configuration in the Admin menu and leaving the Admin menu, the activation of the embedded terminal should start automatically. On the device, the “Connected to server - Configuring” message is displayed.

    Connected to server - Configuring message on the terminal
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