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What's New in 10.1

Here’s an overview of the new features included in MyQ 10.1


Easy Print

This new terminal action brings the ease of Easy Scan and Easy Copy to Printing. It allows users to print files from cloud storages, network drives, and local drives without sending them to MyQ first.

You can define the available sources and print properties, allowing users to choose the file they need, and print it, with just a few clicks.

Job Preview on Embedded Terminals

Job preview is an essential feature in any printing environment, a last step on the printing journey minimizing errors and saving paper.

End users can now preview any job before printing directly on the embedded terminal, or in the MyQ mobile application, you simply need to click enable in your Job Settings.

Folder Browsing for Easy Scan

Simple scanning should not mean basic scanning, so we’ve added some new features.

Now you can specify the destination folder within your Cloud Storage (Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.) when scanning a document, and even edit the filename you’d like to save it as.

Finishing Options

With the power of a 10.1 terminal, you can complete and perfect your job right at the device.

Our new finishing options such as punching and stapling can be edited with a few clicks at the terminal, and voila, the job is done.

And so much more, find all the specific updates for this terminal in our 10.1 Release Notes.

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