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Release Notes

MyQ Desktop Client for Windows 10.2 BETA

MyQ Desktop Client 10.2 BETA requires MyQ Print Server 10.2 RC 8+, which at this time has not yet been released. The estimated release date is 9th May, 2024.

Find details of the improvements in MyQ 10.2 across our full range of solutions here.

MyQ Desktop Client for Windows 10.2 (BETA)

30 April, 2024


  • NEW FEATURE MyQ Desktop Client user interface has been largely redesigned and modernized.

  • NEW FEATURE Printer provisioning can automatically install print drivers and configure printers for printing to MyQ. Users will be provisioned with the correct drivers and queues they have access to.

  • NEW FEATURE Administrators can use the Desktop Client to capture print drivers and printing defaults in order to utilize them for Printer provisioning.

  • NEW FEATURE Desktop Client can be switched to "Private" or "Public"; the public mode is optimized for use on shared workstations.

  • NEW FEATURE New authentication page supports for login with MyQ credentials (username + PIN, username + password) as well as Sign in with Microsoft (if enabled on the server).

  • NEW FEATURE A list of pending jobs for interaction such as account and project assignment or scripting interaction has been added to the Desktop Client, allowing users to assign e.g. specific project only to selected jobs and immediately select a different project or account for the remaining jobs.

  • NEW FEATURE Users can now modify job properties on the Embedded Terminal also for jobs spooled via Client Spooling. These jobs now also support watermarks, and policies configured on the server are applied.

  • NEW FEATURE All jobs sent by the Desktop Client to the MyQ server are authenticated from the start, this improves security and also enables roaming users to finish their pending jobs (e.g. assign account or project) from any computer they sign in.

  • Added support for client spooling to Epson devices over IPP(S). Requires MyQ Print Server 10.2.

  • Information about the MyQ server can be embedded in the Desktop Client's installer filename; this improves managed deployments such as with Intune and allows administrators to send users links to download the client which will automatically connect to the corresponding server once installed.

  • MyQ Desktop Client user interface has ben largely redesigned and modernized.

  • UDP communication was replaced with WebSockets and HTTP, improving the communication capabilities of the client.

  • Added support of radio group and checkbox group for Desktop Client user interaction scripting.

  • Updated MDC service to use API v3.

  • Mako updated to 7.2.0.

  • OpenSSL updated to 3.1.3.


  • Configuration was completely removed from the installer as configuration is now done from the MyQ Print Server's Web Interface via Configuration profiles.

  • List of users removed as an authentication method.

  • PIN-only authentication method removed, new authentication uses the combination of username + PIN for improved security.

  • Possible to set paper aliases for parser of local jobs via config.ini.

  • MyQ Desktop Client now registers only one REST API application on the server (instead of separate applications for Agent and Service).

  • Unsecure connection option was removed, Desktop Client can operate in two modes – "Strict" for secure-only connection and "Normal" which warns the user when the MyQ server certificate is not trusted. Make sure to deploy the correct CA certificates on clients running the Desktop Client.

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