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Creating a new style

You can create a new style in any available theme. This means that you can add a style to the Default theme template, to a new Empty theme, or to any theme that you have created or imported.

  1. Open MyQ Theme Editor, click File at the main menu, and select the theme of your choice by either selecting New theme, New Empty Theme, or Open.

  2. Click Add Style on the ribbon (or on the main menu, click Theme, Add Style). Your new style is added to the editor, and you can also see it in the preview.

  3. On the panel to the right, in the Theme section, you can change the theme’s Name.

  4. Select the theme’s Background Color (black by default, white only available for Kyocera terminals).

  5. Select the Disabled Color from the colors drop-down.

  6. Adjust the Disabled icon’s Brightness with the slider.

  7. On the Style properties section, add a Name for your new style.

  8. Select the Normal Color from the colors drop-down.

  9. Adjust the normal color’s Brightness with the slider.

  10. Select the Active Color from the colors drop-down.

  11. Change the style’s icon.

  12. On the main menu, click File, and select Save as to save your changes, or click Delete Style on the ribbon, to delete the selected style.

  13. On the main menu, click File, and select Export Theme, to export your theme so that it can be used in MyQ.

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