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MyQ X Mobile Client Application

The MyQ X Mobile Client application is a multifunctional tool for simple task management within the MyQ solution printing environment. It assists you anytime and anywhere you need to print or manage your print jobs, and provides you with simple access to a variety of MyQ features.

Basic Information


The MyQ mobile application can be used only with MyQ Print Server version 8.2+, and Android 5.0+ or iOS 10+.

Please note that an Enterprise license is required to use embedded terminals.

You need an Enterprise license for the below supported terminals. (All the embedded terminals that can work with MyQ Print Server 8.2+ are supported).

  • Kyocera, Samsung, Toshiba, Ricoh SmartDK, OKI sxp2, OKI, Sharp, HP Enterprise.

  • Terminals without a QR code are also supported: Ricoh SDKJ, Xerox, HP Pro. For these terminals, the QR code can be generated on the server, and then be used with the printer.

Supported operations:

With the MyQ mobile application, you can perform the following operations:

  • Print PDF files, Office documents, and photos directly from your device.

  • Securely release your print jobs.

  • Unlock a printing device via scanning a QR code (Enterprise license required as devices are not locked without embedded terminals).

  • Manage print jobs, re-print already printed jobs, select projects.

  • Recharge MyQ credit.

  • Register and setup a MyQ server via scanning a QR code.

Supported formats:

  • pdf, bmp, png, tif, tiff, txt, jfif, jpe, jpeg, jpg, mime, myqurl.

  • For the following formats you need to have installed LibreOffice or Microsoft Office on the server: odp, ods, odt, doc, docx, ppsx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx.


The MyQ X Mobile Client application can be installed directly from Google Play (Android version), or App Store (iOS version). It is free and does not require any licenses.

You can also check the MyQ X Mobile Client App guide, for further details.

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