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MyQ X Smart Quick Setup Guide


Welcome to the MyQ Smart Quick Setup Guide 8.2! This guide will tell you how easy it is to get your SMART license, add printers, and synchronize your users. After that, all your users will be able to print from every printer you have installed. It is that easy!

You will come across an array of features in the MyQ Web UI, however, be aware that not all of them will work with your free SMART license. This can be easily fixed by upgrading to the ENTERPRISE license at any time. If you are interested, please send an email to

The full functionality of MyQ is detailed in the MyQ Print Server guide.

To get your free SMART license, you have to self-register to our Community Portal: Just click Login and follow the procedure after clicking Not a member?. Once registered, you can get your license, but also get access to the extra modules (software clients) you are entitled to with the free SMART license:

  • MyQ Desktop Client, which can be used for user identification, client spooling, failover printing, and more; or

    • MyQ Smart Job Manager, which can be used for identification of users and pairing them to all kinds of tasks.

    • MyQ Smart Print Services, which also entails failover printing, where jobs can be sent to another printer in case of a network breakdown.

  • The MyQ Mobile Print Agent, which helps set up the server so your users can print using their mobile phone (with AirPrint for Apple iOS users and Mopria for Android users).

Allow us now to give you a short overview of the features that are not available under the free SMART version:

  • Scanning is not available.

  • Embedded terminals are not available, thus no terminal actions such as Print all, My Jobs, and ID and Card Registration among others.

  • Quota, Credit, and Projects can only be viewed on the Web User Interface.

  • No custom logo on the printers.

Your free MyQ SMART license is valid for one year and can be renewed before expiration. It comes with limited software assurance support (updates, patches, community forum). For full MyQ Support, an upgrade to the Enterprise or Ultimate edition is required.

The guide is also available in PDF:

MyQ X Smart Quick Setup Guide 8.2 rev.5.pdf

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