When project accounting is enabled on the MyQ server, the user who sends the print job needs to select a project (or the No Project option) to be allowed to print it. With MyQ Desktop Client, they can select the project directly on their computer.

After the print job is sent to MyQ, the application's pop-up window appears. If the user is not identified yet, they need to identify themselves to open the job management options window, where they can select the project. If they are already identified, they are directly shown the project management options.

Selecting a project

On the job management window, the user needs to select a project (or the No Project option), and then click the printer icon. After this, the project is assigned, and the job can be printed. The maximum number of items displayed at once is 15. Refreshing the list will deselect a selected item.

If only one project is available to the user, it is automatically assigned to the print job, and the job is sent to the server. The job management window is not displayed.