On the Parameters tab, you can set the scanned file's parameters, such as resolution and format. You can select from a number of options for each parameter.

There are predefined parameters, but you can also create your own parameters.

All parameters are dependent on the particular printing device type. Therefore, some values might not be available.

Predefined Easy Scan Parameters

Some parameters (e.g. resolution, color) significantly influence the scanned file's size. For example, a combination of higher resolution and full color will dramatically increase the file size.

You can allow users to change their scan settings from the terminal screen.

Changing Easy Scan parameters on the terminal

To do this, you have to modify the settings of the particular parameter on the Parameters tab on the Easy Scan action node properties panel. Open the parameter properties panel, uncheck the Prohibit change of value option (checked by default) and Save.

Parameter properties panel

Predefined Parameters

  • Resolution - The outgoing file's resolution. You can select from the following options:

    • 100 dpi

    • 200 dpi

    • 300 dpi

    • 400 dpi

    • 600 dpi

    • 1200 dpi

  • Color - The outgoing file's color scale. You can select from the following options:

    • Color

    • Grayscale

    • B&W (two tones)

    • Automatic

  • Format - The outgoing file's format. You can select from the following options:

    • PDF

    • JPEG

    • TIFF

    • XPS

    • HCPDF

  • Duplex - Simplex and Duplex scanning options. You can select from the following:

    • Single Sided

    • Duplex

  • Original Image - Determines the way in which the printing device is going to process the scanned page. You can select from the following options:

    • Text + Photo

    • Photo

    • Text