To silently install the application, download the latest available version of the installation file from the MyQ Community portal, open the Windows command line and use the following command:

msiexec /i *InstallationFile* *Parameters>* /qn /log "install_sjmlog.log"

*InstallationFile* is the name of the installation file (for example SmartJobManager-MyQ_8.2.0.42.msi).

The /log command is highly recommended, as it creates a log of the installation process.

*Parameters* is a string consisting of the following parameters (if you do not include a parameter in the command, its default value is used for the installation):

  • SERVERADDRESS: MyQ Server's IP address or hostname (the default value is an empty string).

  • SERVERPORT: MyQ Server's port. The default value is 8080 for MyQ versions lower than 8.0. For MyQ version 8.0 and higher, the default value is 8090.

  • SERVERSSL: SSL connection. Use 0 for disabled and 1 for enabled (the default value is 1)

  • ALTERSERVER: If this parameter is set to 1, it enables SJM to automatically switch between multiple servers. It is set to 0 by default.

  • CSVSERVERTABLEINFO: The path to the CSV file that contains information about the alternative servers to be used.

  • AUTHENTICATIONTYPE: The methods of authentication of the job sender. Select one of the following (the default value is 0):

    • AUTHENTICATIONTYPE=2: With this option selected, the job sender is identified as the OS user account where the job is sent from.

    • AUTHENTICATIONTYPE=1: With this option selected, the job sending user has to log in under their MyQ credentials. The job sender is then identified as the logged in MyQ user.

    • AUTHENTICATIONTYPE=0: With this option selected, the job sender has to select one of the MyQ user accounts from the list of all MyQ users. The job sender is then identified as the selected MyQ user.

  • LOGINTYPE: A letter code with a combination of the these three letters: "p" for PIN, "u" for Username and password and "c" for ID Card. (The default value is an empty string as the default authentication type is the user list selection.)

    • LOGINTYPE="p" Enables only PIN

    • LOGINTYPE="u" Enables only Username and password

    • LOGINTYPE="c" Enables only Card

    • LOGINTYPE="cp" enables Card or PIN login

    • LOGINTYPE="puc" enables all three login types

  • REMEMBERME: If you set this parameter to 0, it will hide the Remember me option during the user login. If you set it to 1, the Remember me option will be visible. (The default value is 0 as the default authentication type is the user list selection). This option only works with AUTHENTICATIONTYPE=1

Below, you can see an example of the silent installation command line:

msiexec /i "SmartJobManager-MyQ_8.2.0.42.msi" SERVERADDRESS="localhost"
ALTERSERVER=1 CSVSERVERTABLEINFO="C:\MyFiles\networkInformation.csv"
/qn /log "log.txt"