The MyQ Smart Job Manager application enables the user to simply manage their print jobs on the computer where the jobs are sent from. This option is available if at least one of the three following features is enabled on the MyQ server:

  • The queue where the job is sent has the user detection method set to Prompt for PIN/Card, Prompt for Username and Password or Select user from list. User detection methods are described in User Identification.

  • User interaction script is set on the queue where the job is sent to; described in Interactive job processing.

  • Projects are enabled and the sending user has access to at least one project; described in Project management.

Submitting and deleting sent print jobs

With the above mentioned features enabled on the MyQ server, sent jobs require additional information before they can be printed. After these jobs are sent to the MyQ server, they are paused there and cannot be printed until the necessary information is provided, for example until their project is selected.

Each time the job is paused, the job management window of the MyQ Smart Job Manager application appears on the screen. In this window, the user can submit the job by clicking the printer icon or delete it by clicking the bin icon. They can also select the Apply to all jobs option to submit or delete all the jobs in this way.

Selecting Logout without any action will also delete the logged in user’s print jobs. When the user logs out, all the unprinted jobs are, for security reasons, deleted from the server; no one else on a shared computer can now print those jobs.

SJM Job management window