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Basic Information

The MyQ Smart Job Manager application is a client of the MyQ print server. It is installed on MacOS workstations of MyQ users and enables identification of the users and communication between the users and the server.

The maximum recommended number of concurrent SJM clients connected to one MyQ server is 1.000.

To be able to communicate with the MyQ server, MyQ Smart Job Manager requires the hostname of the Mac workstation to be resolved to the IP address. This means that the hostname needs to be, for example, registered on your DNS server, listed in your local /etc/hosts file, etc.

Requirements on the client's workstation:

  • Mac OS 10.12 or higher

  • A record with the IP address and hostname of the client macOS has to be added to the DNS server, so that the hostname can be resolved.

  • The hostname of the Mac client has to be changed to the hostname that is on the DNS server, which can be done by the following command:
    sudo scutil --set HostName <new host name>

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