In the More options tab, you can see the Profile section, the App Security section, the About the app section, the Roger web version link, and the Logout from the app button.

More options tab

If you tap on Profile, you can see information about your MyQ Roger account, add a photo to your profile, view your username, tenancy name, tenant, edition, tap Generate PIN to generate a new PIN for your account, and tap Show my PIN to view your current PIN.

Profile information

There is also the Cloud services section, where you can connect your OneDrive or Google Drive to MyQ Roger. You can also see that DropBox will be available soon. At the App theme section, you can select between the Light or Dark theme for the app, or select By phone to use the theme set in your phone’s settings.

Profile - Cloud services info

If you tap on App Security, there is the option to activate Application lock. If enabled, you are able to use biometric options (FaceID, TouchID, etc.) when logging in to the MyQ Roger app.

Application lock option

If you tap on About the app, you can see the MyQ Roger app’s version. You can tap on Release notes to view the latest changes on the app, and you can tap Privacy Policy to view MyQ Roger’s privacy policy.

About app

If you tap on Roger web version you are redirected to the Roger web server administrator page.

If you tap Logout from the app, you are asked to confirm the logout request. Click LOGOUT to log out or STAY to stay logged in.