On the Queues main tab, you can see queues and information about them. The queues are divided into groups according to their type: Pull Print, Direct, Tandem, and Delegated printing.

Queues main tab - queue examples

Default queues

After installing MyQ, there are five default Pull Print queues on the Queues main tab: Default, Email, Job roaming, Local, and Web.

  • Default: Pull Print queue where all users have access and all printers are assigned.

  • Email: All jobs sent from email are assigned to this queue.

  • Job Roaming: Job Roaming enables users to transfer their jobs from one location to another. Jobs sent to one branch can be printed on printing devices at any other branch. For more information, see the MyQ Central Server Installation Guide.

  • Local: Used with locally connected printing devices (USB, LPT).

  • Web: All jobs sent directly from the web user interface are assigned to this queue.