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Benefits of MyQ Embedded Terminals in examples

When trying to set up the modern office, one can be challenged with many issues. They can range from how to find and hire employees to how to organize the working station most efficiently. People working in modern and well-thought office environments are reported to have higher engagement, better health and make fewer errors. One of the ways to achieve that is to optimize the time personnel spends on interaction with MFPs. When doing that, consider what opportunities MyQ solution gives you:

Flexibility of the Embedded application

Modern challenges often result in having each day totally different than the other. People have to adapt to different changes, and so has the software that is used in the office. This angle of the problem is often overlooked, but not by MyQ.

Embedded Applications can be adapted to almost any of your business needs:

(tick) Plethora of features that assist in getting things done

  • Do your employees face time issues? You can help them with using the Print All After Login feature and let all the recently sent documents be printed as soon as the user logs in to their account on the printer.

  • The fastest authentication possible? Swiping an ID Card. And users can even register a received ID Card themselves from the device.

(tick) Quick and simple print, copy, scan, and fax with as many preconfigured Easy actions as you need

  • Does your office prefer to digitalize its paperwork and often send it to different destinations for further processing or archiving? This can be facilitated by setting up numerous different scan profiles with different destinations, ranging from local folders to Cloud Drives. A scan can be started with 1 click!

(tick) All above and more โ€“ not only for your regular users, but external contractors, visitors, and other guest users

  • Is there a need to let guest users and visitors use your office MFPs but you would like to control their MFP usage? That's solvable through using the Guest login function that can be set to have a Copy screen as default, in case that's the most-used option.

Security of documents

The number of security breach issues grows every day. Security can be broken not just by malware but by simple accidents, like e.g. sending a job to be printed to the wrong printer.

Under MyQโ€™s watch, your company can:

(tick) Simply send documents to where they are supposed to goโ€ฆ Because the opposite can make a lot of trouble

  • Avoid typo errors when manually typing e.g. fax numbers on the device panel. Give your users the option to select the destination number from the already predefined Code Books instead.

(tick) Secure documents when they are sent from your MFPs as well as protect them while they are being delivered to the final destination

  • Set up the Secure link scanning as a Scan destination, allowing your users to receive their digitized documents for protected download. The scan has a limited lifecycle and once deleted, the link is no longer functional.

(tick) Ensure that documents get picked up when printed

  • Implement Hold and Secure print which requires the user to authenticate at the device before print โ€“ helps a ton with preventing the bad habit of not collecting printouts.

Simplification of the office routine

The modern employee is sometimes attacked by the rising number of different tools they are expected to use. Consequentially, they face the pressing need to learn all the new workflows. This could result not only in a decrease in productivity until they get accustomed to these new experiences, but also in frustrations, complaints targeted at the IT team, and therefore even more time, effort, and money that are required to stop this vicious cycle.

However, MyQ covers this issue as well:

(tick) When all devices โ€œlook and feelโ€ the same โ€“ there is no need to re-learn the same processes multiple times for every brand of printer or MFD.

  • Even mixed-fleet office installations look the same when MyQ is installed on them, since MyQ has one and the same user interface for all the brands it works with.

  • With Easy buttons, you can set up print, scan, copy, and fax settings that will be similar across all devices, and tailored to each department or individual.

(tick) When the MFD interface is intuitive โ€“ it brings easier administration and smaller costs of upskilling your staff.

  • Office routine is simplified since the Embedded application is user-oriented and helps to perform tasks by understandable visual representation, simplifying the scanning/printing process.

  • Users see real values when it comes to print release options, scan parameters, and other types of interaction โ€“ so they always know what to expect

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