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MyQ OKI Embedded Release Notes

MyQ OKI Embedded terminal


10 October, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Cache update keeps failing under high request rate causing high CPU usage.

  • Terminal repeatedly stops responding for a while if there are many terminals.


15 September, 2023


  • The application was optimized in several situations to use less server resources. For example, when using "print after login", when checking for suspended jobs (Toshiba platform only).

  • PHP error logs support rotations in order not to produce large files.

  • Improved compatibility with MyQ Print Server 8.2

7.4.5 RTM

Bug Fixes

  • Easy scan was delivered as separate JPEG pages after scanning of big duplex scans.

7.4.4 RTM


  • Stability improvements in pending screens, navigating to panel scan and login screen.

  • SYSTEM REQUIREMENT MyQ server 7.5.1 is required.

7.4.3 RTM

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue, device alerts weren't show on Okishiba devices.

  • Fixed issue, when glass cover was open on OKI SXP2 devices, Easy scan wasn't possible to made. 
    For scanning with open glass cover, size parameter of Easy scan has to be set as final size (different value than Default and Automatic).

7.4.2 RC

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue, original orientation of easy scan on OKI SXP2 A4 color devices is delivered same like orientation of panel scan.

  • Fixed issue when white screen was displayed on SXP2 OKI Devices after Easy scan.

  • Credit and quota limits enforcing fixed on sXP2.

7.4.1 RC 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where unsupported terminal actions nodes added to terminal caused crash and user was not able to log in.

  • Fixed issue where packages were not working in SSL-only mode.

  • Fixed issue where user was not informed when paper jam during easy scan occurred.

  • Fixed issue where user was not informed by any message if the scanning fails on the server.

  • Fixed issue where in case of misplaced or missing original there was no message box informing the user about this issue.

  • Fixed issue where users were not able to scan with credit balance 0 even if scanning is free.

7.4.0 RC 


  • TTP service MyQ OKI terminal is created after installation of OKI Embedded package, MS Cluster supported.


  • Terminal log is stored in MyQ Data folder instead of MyQ folder.

Bug Fixes

  • Scan orientation isn't different when user use panel scan or easy scan.

7.2.102 RC


  • sXP1 devices are not supported.

Bug Fixes

  • Improvement of creating of files and logs.

  • Improvement of login speed.


Bug Fixes 

  • User accounts are deleted from device during remote setup, user account is created in device again after user's login.


Bug Fixes

  • Multi pages scan to OCR is send as one file.

  • OKI Terminal package version 7.2 is supported by MyQ server version 7.2 (older terminal packages are not supported by MyQ server 7.2).

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