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Monitor Printer Provisioning

Running MyQ Desktop Client occasionally updates its configuration which is stored on the Print Server. When a user signs in the client, the installation/update of their available printers is initiated.

  1. Desktop Client checks which queues are available to the user.

  2. It downloads a list of queues together with the print drivers and configurations.

  3. Print provisioning is started.

Whether the print queue aka printer and print driver are deployed on a particular computer depends on the following:

  • Is the computer IP address within the range defined in the Desktop Client’s configuration profile, or does the computer hostname match the configuration profile settings?

  • Does the user signed in the MyQ Desktop Client have rights to use this queue? Check this in the Print Server in QueuesQueue settingsRights tab.

When and How are Drivers Installed?

When the MyQ Desktop Client is running, it is connected to the MyQ Print Server and updates its configuration from time to time. When you make any changes to the configuration profile, including print driver changes, the Desktop Client reacts and updates the printers as soon as possible.

Are Printers Removed?

Yes, if you make changes on the Print Server and remove print queues, they will be removed from computers where they had been installed.

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